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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Two Ghosts" Song Meaning

Today's song is not a Taylor Swift song, but it is a song that concerns Taylor. What song is it? It is "Two Ghosts" by Harry Styles released May 12, 2017 on his LP, "Harry Styles".

Who is this song about?

Let's see what Harry said first. Harry told Nick Grimshaw of BBC Radio 1 on May 12, 2017, "I think it's about, sometimes things change, and you can do all the same things, and sometimes it's just different, you know?" I think he is saying sometimes things change in a relationship, all of the sudden the spark is not there anymore. By the way he was wearing a white shirt at the interview something he mentions in the song.

Harry also told Cameron Crowe of Rolling Stone on April 18, 2017"In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You’re celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than, ‘This didn’t work out, and that’s bad.’ And if you run into that person, maybe it’s awkward, maybe you have to get drunk … but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it’s the best s— ever. So thank you.” This is a major clue what "Two Ghosts is about."

The major clue who this song is about is in the first two lines, "Same lips red, same eyes blue/
Same white shirt, couple more tattoos." These lines reference Taylor's song "Style". In that song Taylor says, "You've got that James Dean day dream look in your eye, And I got that red lip, classic thing that you like". James Dean wore a white shirt all the time like the white shirt Harry references. He is also known to get tattooed. Taylor wore red lipstick when they were together talking about it in her song  and has blue eyes. She also references his white shirt, "long hair slick back, white t-shirt".

The next line references a fridge light. This line references Taylor's song "All Too Well", one of her most underwater songs if you ask me. In that song she dances in the refrigerator light. I think Harry is paying an ode to this song saying "the fridge light washes this room white." And apparently Taylor has a good side. 

But alas the relationship did not work out and Harry says why. He says "We're not who we used to be//We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me." They tell "those stories we already told/'Cause we don't say what we really mean." What he thinks they really mean is there is no spark anymore; the feelings are not as strong. I do not think Taylor felt that way, but Harry did and that is why he wanted it to end. He said "Sounds like something that I used to feel/But I can't touch what I see." He used to have feelings but does not anymore. And it becomes awkward being around one another. 

So now we know why Harry ended things with Taylor. He told Rolling Stone, “Certain things don’t work out. There’s a lot of things that can be right, and it’s still wrong." Just like what he said in the song. 

I think it is really great that Harry really respects Taylor's music. He told Rolling Stone, "I mean, I don’t know if they’re about me or not …(haha he totally does) but the issue is, she’s so good, they’re bloody everywhere. They’re great songs … It’s the most amazing unspoken dialogue ever.” He also said "I’m lucky if everything [we went through] helped create those songs. That’s what hits your heart. That’s the stuff that’s hardest to say, and it’s the stuff I talk least about.”

Harry also references the song "22" on his 22nd birthday on Twitter. He also wrote "Perfect" while with One Direction about his time with Taylor. And that one just happened to be the same length as Taylor's song "Style" and plays perfectly together with "Style". What are the chances? I'm so glad he still respects her. Too bad it did not work out. Sometimes the chemistry is not there. I hope they both find someone that they can keep the spark alive with. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Perfect" by One Direction, Song Meaning with Lyrics

Today's song is the meaning of the new song by One Direction called "Perfect" from their album Made In The A.M., probably written by Harry Styles.  It's an answer to Taylor Swifts' 1989 album and all about her.  It is surprisingly a nice song.

It really reminds me of "Wildest Dreams". We see why the relationship did not work, but from Harry's perspective. Basically Harry wasn't ready to commit, "he's not good at making promises". He might not be her "knight in shining armor", the one she takes "home to mother", or "brings you flowers". He won't be the person she puts her heart into, and his "arms won't hold you anytime you want to".  But he will show her a good time, "be the one tonight" "causing trouble in hotel rooms". They can have "secret little rendezvous", doing "things you know that we shouldn't do".  They drove at midnight "with the windows down".  This is a reference to the song "Style".  They went to "places we can't even pronounce".  This made me laugh, they were globetrotting like crazy and shows his personality. Sounds a little bit like "I Know Places" right? Where Taylor talks about being able to hide from the paparazzi.  He does call Taylor out and says cameras will flash "every time that we go out" and if she needs "someone to write your breakup songs about", he will be fine with that.  This is probably the meanest comment he said about her in the song, but it is not really mean.  He says he was fine with the cameras and the songs, he knows what he is getting into when he starts dating her.   Basically the whole song is saying they were never going to get "Out of the Woods" because he didn't want to commit. If she wanted to have fun that would be perfect.

They just wanted different things, she wanted commitment, he didn't.

I've become more of a fan of One Direction over the years, this is a pretty good song. I have listened to it like 20 times already. It will be interesting to see if there are more songs about Taylor on the album...

Perfect Lyrics
One Direction

[Verse 1: Louis]
I might never be your knight in shining armor
I might never be the one you take home to mother
And I might never be the one who brings you flowers
But I can be the one, be the one tonight

[Refrain: Liam]
When I first saw you
From across the room
I could tell that you were curious (Oh, yeah)
Girl, I hope you’re sure
What you're looking for
‘Cause I'm not good at making promises

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

[Verse 2: Niall]
I might never be the hands you put your heart in
Or the arms that hold you any time you want them
But that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment
‘Cause I can be the one you love from time to time

[Refrain: Liam]
When I first saw you
From across the room
I could tell that you were curious (Oh, yeah)
Girl, I hope you’re sure
What you're looking for
Cause I'm not good at making promises

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out
(Oh, yeah)
And if you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, we're perfect

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Wildest Dreams" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Wildest Dreams" from her 1989 album.

Wildest Dreams is right in line with the rest of Taylor Swift's 1989 album.  This album for me is about a girl who has been under intense scrutiny from the media for years.  She has seen many relationships come and go and made even worse by the media.  Taylor says in her stories behind in the songs in October 2014, "Wildest Dreams is kind of a good example of the way that my outlook on love has changed. Over the years I think as you get more experience under your belt, as you become disappointed a few times, you start to kind of think of things in more realistic terms. It's not like you meet someone and that's it.  If they like you and you like them well it's going to be forever of course. I don't really look at love like that anymore. The way I see love is kind of a little more fatalistic which means to me that when I meet someone and we have a connection, the first thought I really have is when this is over I hope you think well of me."

Source: Taylor Swift Instagram
She told Rolling Stone in September 2014, "I think the way I used to approach relationships was very idealistic. I used to go into them thinking, 'Maybe this is the one — we'll get married and have a family, this could be forever.' Whereas now I go in thinking, 'How long do we have on the clock — before something comes along and puts a wrench in it, or your publicist calls and says this isn't a good idea?'"

Who is this song about?

This song is about Harry Styles.  Continuing from the quote above "So this song is about having that immediate connection with someone and these were my vivid thoughts right as I met him." Interestingly enough he wrote a song in rebuttal to this album, "Perfect".  Click here for the analysis of this song. 

She had this immediate connection with Harry Styles, but unfortunately she knew it wasn't going to last because of all the tabloid exploitation.  They jetsetted around the world, but living on two different continents, going on tours, promoting albums makes it very hard to be together.  Whenever they were together they were photographed like crazy, they could never really be alone and develop that relationship. They were naive and thought they needed to be in these exotic places to develop their relationship, when in reality they just needed to find a quiet place to be together. I feel very bad for Taylor for what goes on with her relationships.  When you are a celebrity like she is it is very hard to start a relationship, every time she is even in a picture with someone else it sparks the rumor mill.  Obviously she must be really into every guy she has a 5 minute chat with.  As I've said before, I'm so glad my life was not like that, it's hard enough to date as is, without that wrench thrown in the mix.

In the song she talks about things they did together, how "his voice is a familiar sound". He's "tall" and "handsome" and "this is getting good know". But in her head she knows, "Nothing lasts forever", she "can see the end as it begins".  Then the whole point of the song comes up "My one condition is...Say you'll remember me...Even it it's just in your Wildest Dreams".  Then "say you'll see me agian/If it's just pretend".  She wants the memories of her to "follow you around" and remember her "standing in a nice dress/staring at the sunset". She is acknowledging with her life it is hard to have romance, but she is going to enjoy it while it's around.

Fortunately Taylor's outlook on love has changed, which I am so glad for.  When 1989 came out it reminded me how I found the one. I was super jaded from dating so many guys and watching them find their own one, with me being left on the sidelines. I did not want to date at all.  Taylor was so this way. Numerous times she said she did not know what love was like and was happy being alone, that to break her from her happy singleness she would have to meet an amazing guy.  I loved the music from 1989, but I did not like Taylor's outlook.  I felt really bad for her.  I am so glad she found Calvin Harris, aka Adam Wiles.  They have spent so much time together and become so close.  They have both learned that they need to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible in order to develop their relationship.  Relationships are fragile and need to be nurtured. Another positive thing they have been doing is controlling what they release.  They release the pictures, they release the quotes, via their twitter or interviews.  One of my favorite pictures they released together is this swan picture.  They have having such a good time and I hope it lasts forever!

Source: Taylor Swift Instagram

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Clean" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "Clean" from her 1989 album.

This song is interesting for me. To me I wish it would have been a bonus song and she would have ended the album with "New Romantics" instead and this would have been the last song of the entire album. New Romantics would have made a great juxtaposition to welcome to the New York. It's basically saying the same thing as clean. She's ready to move on, but it is just such a strong song. 

That said I think clean is a great song and it can apply to so many toxic relationships not just romantic ones. There's been times in my life when I've just had to say goodbye to a friend for me, because it was a bad friendship. And in the end I was clean of that person and ready to move on.

Who and what is this song about?

It's about Taylor and her being finally clean after her relationship with Harry Styles. It took her a long time to get over Harry, "months and months of back of forth." The song is full of metaphors, "a wine-stained dress [she] can't wear anymore" symbolizing how the stain he had left on her heart, "sky turned black like a perfect storm", a common metaphor describing feelings and emotions being black, and "Rain came pouring down", usually rain is a good thing for Taylor, but this time is was "drowning" her.  She let the "butterflies [turn] to dust", she let the emotions inside of her for him fade away, "I let the flood carry away/All my pictures of you," She let got of the pictures and good times she had swirling in her mind of him. She was "10 months sober", it was 10 months since they broke up, she says she will not get back with him, she's "never gonna risk it". She finally let the "flowers that we'd grown/Together [die] of thirst." The relationship is over she is not going to nurture that relationship anymore.  She's "finally clean" and over Harry.

Click here for lyrics to the song "Clean".

Taylor wrote "Clean" after her Red Tour in London finished, where Harry lives and she realized that she didn't need him anymore. She didn't need his texts and didn't need to see him. It is also fitting that at this time when she realized she was clean she also got a new haircut to symbolize her cleanliness. She tells Elle magazine on May 7, 2015.

" 'Shake It Off' and 'Clean' were the last two things we wrote for the record, so it shows you where I ended up mentally. 'Clean' I wrote as I was walking out of Liberty in London. Someone I used to date—it hit me that I'd been in the same city as him for two weeks and I hadn't thought about it. When it did hit me, it was like, Oh, I hope he's doing well. And nothing else. And you know how it is when you're going through heartbreak. A heartbroken person is unlike any other person. Their time moves at a completely different pace than ours. It's this mental, physical, emotional ache and feeling so conflicted. Nothing distracts you from it. Then time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, "Hello, beautiful. Good morning." You get used to not calling someone at night to tell them how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits, like texting your friends in a group chat all day and planning fun dinner parties and going out on adventures with your girlfriends, and then all of a sudden one day you're in London and you realize you've been in the same place as your ex for two weeks and you're fine. And you hope he's fine. The first thought that came to my mind was, I'm finally clean. I'd been in this media hailstorm of people having a very misconstrued perception of who I was. There were really insensitive jokes being made at awards shows by hosts; there were snarky headlines in the press—'Taylor Goes Through a Breakup: Well, That Was Swift!'—focusing on all the wrong things."

Taylor Swift February 12, 2014 sporting her new haircut, she's finally Clean.
Magazines are not the only Taylor is talking advice relating to "Clean", she also told a Swiftie on instagram on July 31, 2014, (This is pre 1989 album being released by the way.) 'Hey Caitlin, You are absolutely beautiful. Your pictures are so intriguing and I love your style. You seem so incredibly unique, In the words of one of my favorite Paramore songs, I hate to see your heart break. Honestly I wish it had never happened to you and I wish you could speed up time and all of a sudden see this pain in retrospect. We get used to things, don’t we? Waking up to a text every morning, falling asleep to a phone call, hearing someone’s name and lighting up. These are all habits we have to break when we lose someone and it’s NOT FAIR because it’s TERRIBLE and you are AWESOME. Time will break all of the old habits and create new ones for you, and in the process, you will try to handle this immense pain with dignity (because you’re that kind of girl). You actually will have to move on and you actually will be fine and that’s when he may actually miss how incredible and special you are. But whether or not that happens, I just want you to take one day at a time. You and I both know there’s got to be some greater storyline for you than 'girl gets heart broken, was sad forever'." Little did everyone know this advice was actually about her song clean.

I think it's so great she moved on and found her happiness. She's in a good place. I was worried too that she'd also sworn off dating, but she hasn't and now glad she's finally clean of those toxic people that made fun of her love life is not listening to them anymore and is loving life on her terms not theirs. I think it's great to move on from a past relationship, but also be clean enough to start a new one.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on a date May 14, 2015

Monday, December 1, 2014

"How You Get the Girl" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song, "How You Get the Girl" from her 1989 album.

This is surprisingly one of my favorite songs on the album. It's a catchy upbeat song about a girl telling a guy how he gets the girl and then how he lost the girl.

On October 29th 2014, Taylor told “The song ‘How You Get the Girl’ is a song that I wrote about how you get the girl back if you ruined the relationship somehow and she won’t talk to you anymore. Like, if you broke up with her and left her on her own for six months and then you realize you miss her. All the steps you have to do to edge your way back into her life, because she’s probably pretty mad at you. So it’s kind of a tutorial. If you follow the directions in the song, chances are things will work out. Or you may get a restraining order.”

Who is this song about?

Like many other songs on the album it's about Harry Styles. They first met and started dating in March 2012 at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards. She then saw him with another girl, hence how he lost the girl. He begged and begged for Taylor to take him back and six months later she did. I wonder if he really showed up at her door in the rain. For anyone that has listened to Taylor's music you know she has an obsession with doors and rain. (Someday I'll write a post on those two subjects.) He got her back but couldn't keep her. He "left her all alone/And never told her why". He left her all alone while they were on vacation in Virgin Gorda.

I really love the chorus maybe that's why it's one of my favorite songs. In it she is quoting what she would like the guy to say. Some of the language comes from marriage vows. "I want you for worse or for better, I would wait forever and ever." It shows what Taylor wants in a relationship, some commitment and long term love. I hope you find that Taylor, sorry it didn't happen with Harry!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Style" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song "Style" from her album 1989.

This song it sounds like two different songs, the chorus and the verses have a different and distinct sound.  This first part of the song sounds like you are driving around with just a drum and synthesizer playing an ostinato, the same musical phrase over and over.  The chorus has a fuller sound incorporating a lot more instruments and a lot more confident tone. It all makes it sound amazing and really defines the two moods of the song.  The verses focus on the story and Taylor's uneasiness in the romance.  The guy comes picks her up at "midnight" and she knows that last time things didn't end well. But her reasoning is ignored, because their relationship is just that good.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

Taylor said at her livestream secret session October 27, 2014 "When I wrote this next song I was thinking about how we have these kind of fashion staples that never quite, we never quite throw them out of our closet, right? No one's going to be like, why are you wearing a little black dress, no on wears that, that was so two years ago. Everybody has that perfect little black dress or for a guy that great white t-shirt that fits you perfect. You may not necessarily wear them all the time, but they're always there in the back of your closet in case you need to go to your old standby, that classic thing that always works.  I was thinking about that, and I then I was thinking about how there are feelings like that, how there are trends that never go out of style and how there are feelings that never go out of style.  Do you see where I'm going with this?"

She compares the love to classic looks like "red lip classic", "long hair/slicked back
White t-shirt" and a "James Dean daydream look in your eye", who coincidentally make the white t shirt famous.

Who was this romance with that never went out of style?

James Dean in a white t-shirt
Just take a look at the name of the song, Style.  It was Harry Styles. 

Taylor Swift told On the Air with Ryan Seacrest, on October 31, 2014, "Well it's basically kind of one of those relationships that's always a bit off. I talk about in another song on the record, a crooked love, which is kind of like never quite synced up right.  The two people are trying to forget each other and they've both been out with other people and they've both tried to forget the other.  It's like, I heard you went out went off with her and you came back and well I've done that too so... I would never have said anything like that on a previous album.  My previous albums have always been sort of like, I was right you were wrong, you did this, it made me feel like this, kind of a sense of sense of right and wrong in a relationship.  What happens when you grow up is you realize that the rules in a relationship are very blurred, and that it gets very complicated very quickly. There's not always a case of who was right and who was wrong."
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles recreating a classic pose 12/11/2012
from Dirty Dancing.  Harry has his white t-shirt on :)
This is exactly how their story went down.  Taylor met Harry at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Awards in March 2012.  Then she saw him in the news with other girls, hence the lines, "I say I heard -Oh
That you been out and about/With some other girl".  But while he'd been out with other girls, she'd been out with other guys, Conor Kennedy.   Hence the lines, "I said I've been there too a/Few times".  This happens all the time.  I had friends in high school that liked each other, but never at the same time. They were always dating other people usually at opposite times. They finally got in sync when they went to college.  When they decided they wanted to get married, they waited for a few years, because one of them was out of the country always doing something.  It took a long time, but their love is solid.  There are some things in life that are just classic and will never go out of style, sounds like they had a great time together!

Interestingly enough he wrote a song about Taylor in rebuttal to her album, "Perfect".  Click here for the meaning of that song.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Style".

PS This was the last song written for the record on February 19, 2014.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"All You Had to Do Was Stay" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song "All You Had to Do Was Stay" from her 1989 album.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift
This song tells a story of a guy who begged to be back in Taylor's life after they had ended their first attempt at romance.  She says in the song, "People like you always want back/The love they gave away/And people like me want to believe you/When you say you've changed." He kept wanting to get back together with her, and she believed him. But he didn't stick around, wasn't fully committed. He "drove [them] off the road", an allusion to "Out of the Woods" where they ended up at the hospital. The guy got stitches because he couldn't drive the snow vehicle on the road. She then says he was the one that changed his mind wanted to end it, "Let me remind you.../This was what you wanted/You ended it/You were all I wanted/But not like this..."  She wanted him, enjoyed being with him, but he ended it.  She says that in the end even though "People like you always want back/The love they pushed aside/But people like me are gone forever/When you say goodbye".  He said goodbye and she is gone forever. She is not getting back together with him. She tells him in the song that If he really had wanted her "all [he] had to do was stay."

Who is this song about?

It's about Harry Styles and how he ended their relationship the second time around after he tried and tried to get back together with her. The relationship was a whirlwind, and he could never fully commit.  He was all she ever wanted, but he just couldn't stay around.

One of the interesting parts of this song is story of the high pitched Stay. Taylor told fans in her ask/reply on Youtube, "I think the oddest scenario that I ran in to when I was writing this album was when I woke up from a dream that I was having.  It was kind of one of those social anxiety dreams, where you get embarrassed in front of a person that you don't really want to be embarrassed in front of.  In this dream I was trying to talk to someone and instead of being able to speak normally the only thing that would come out of my mouth was this very high pitched singing, going, STAY, the word stay, but it was sung really high and that was all that would come out of mouth, instead of just normal talking. So I woke up from the dream, I was really weirded out by it.  I decided to incorporate that sound into a song called 'All You Had to Do Was Stay.' I'm very lucky that I had that very weird dream because it's a great song."  I can totally relate to Taylor, I've had some very weird vivid dreams, where I couldn't fly, or I could fly, couldn't read something, or the dream just unfolded and I had no control, but I remember lots of details.  I even had a dream to a while ago that I'm turning into a novel, look for that later.  I'm glad that she was inspired by her dreams, because I sometimes think I am weird that I have such vivid dreams.

This song is similar to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", but nicer. You can tell she has grown since writing that song. In WANEGBT she told her suitor that she was never getting back together with him. In this song she is tells her suitor (a different suitor) what they should have done to stay together, why she is gone forever. He just had to stay.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "All You Had to Do Was Stay".

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Out of the Woods" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is meaning of the song "Out of The Woods" from her 1989 album.

When I first heard this song I could definitely hear the 80's sound, especially the intro. According to USA Today it features percussion and synthesizers, a Yamaha DX7 and a "super-distorted Minimoog Voyager". Taylor wrote this song with Jack Antonoff, he wrote the track and then she put lyrics and a melody to it.  What she came back with was brilliant Jack said to USA Today, "she wove this whole story that felt like it came from the outer space of your head."  One of the most interesting things about the development of the song was Jack's voice being used as the back ground.  He told USA Today, "I just chopped this piece of my voice singing and started looping it over and over. Then I started banging on some drums I had in the room and stomping on the floor and sampling all these sounds to make this big bombastic looping beat with the sample on top of it."

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift
Taylor says, "This song is about the fragility and breakable nature of some relationships, this was a relationship where it was kind of living day to day wondering where it was going if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day.  It was a relationship where you kind of never feel like you're standing on solid ground.  That kind of a feeling brings on excitement, but also extreme anxiety, and kind of a frantic feeling of wondering, endless questions.  This songs sounds exactly like that frantic feeling of anxiety and questioning. But it stresses that even if a relationship is breakable and fragile and full of anxiety, it doesn't mean that it isn't worthwhile, exciting, beautiful and all the things that we look for." The verses and the chorus serve as a counterpoint to one another.  The chorus is repetitive and frantic, "Are we out of the woods", and "Are we in the clear" repeated over and over.  Then the verses have a distinct melody and tell a story. She is wondering, hoping if their relationship is in the clear. She spends the whole song looking for that clear, just to get that relief.

I think a lot of people can relate this this stage, the honeymoon stage in a relationship, where everything is new and exciting, but you don't know where you stand, the relationship stands, what the other person wants. You are just dating and it can be so stressful.

Who is this song about?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles wearing matching airplane necklaces.
It's about Harry Styles. They dated twice, but this song is about the second time they dated. It was a whirlwind romance. They dated from November 2012 to January 2013. The whole time was crazy. She told Rolling Stone "every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week." They were in different cities all the time, Taylor promoting her new album Red. They met in many places; meeting up in Central Park for a very public date, New York for New Year's Eve, LA for her performance on X Factor, LA for him to get a tatoo, London for her birthday, Utah to spend some time in the snow where the line "20 stitches in a hospital room" came from, and finally Virgin where things ended and Taylor was seen leaving on a boat by herself.

According to Rolling Stone "She says it was inspired by a snowmobile ride with an ex who lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Both of them had to go to the ER, although Swift wasn't hurt. She corrects herself: 'Not as hurt.' "  This was their ski trip in December 2012 in Utah. She asked the hospital staff not to say anything and they didn't.  It was a miracle.  She told Rolling Stone she included this line because "People think they know the whole narrative of my life, I think maybe that line is there to remind people that there are really big things they don't know about."

Photo courtesy of Harry Styles
The song describes other things they liked to do together that the media didn't see, taking Polaroids, wearing matching airplane necklaces (I wonder if they chose this because they had to fly to be with each other), "moving the furniture so [they] could dance". But the pace was too frantic, it didn't work out. They were constantly hounded by the media, they couldn't be alone. It scared them so much, they "couldn't take the heat", she "walked out", and said “I’m setting you free.” But later Taylor realized that the monsters chasing them were just trees, not as scary as what they had imagined. I hope that Taylor doesn't give up on love, because there will be a time when she will get out of the woods and it really doesn't matter what other people think of her relationships. I am glad she enjoyed this one even if it was so stressful.

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style",and "Out of the Woods" Introduction

Today's Taylor Swift SONGS are the introductory meanings of the songs; "Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style", and "Out of the Woods" from her 1989 album. They are featured in the Rolling Stone article, "The Reinvention of Taylor Swift" from September 8, 2014.

Who is each one about?

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit: Theo Wanner)
The Rolling Stone article gives us some clues.

"Bad Blood" is about Katy Perry   Taylor told Rolling Stone, "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, 'Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'" Then last year, the other star crossed a line. "She did something so horrible, I was like, 'Oh, we're just straight-up enemies.' And it wasn't even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I'm surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It's awkward, and I don't like it." 

She wanted to make sure people knew it was not about a boy, "But I just want people to know it's not about a guy. You don't want to shade someone you used to date and make it seem like you hate him, when that's not the case. And I knew people would immediately be going in one direction." (Rolling Stone)

Katy stole some of Taylor's dancers and crew from her tour.  An ex dancer of Taylor's Lockhart Brownlie, who formally danced with Katy told Manika Dadson Dec. 20, 2013, "I was with Taylor for the first six months. It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us." And the rest is history, or a song in this case. Click here for a detailed analysis of this song. 

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit:Theo Wenner)
"I Wish You Would" is "about an ex who bought a house two blocks from" Taylor's place. (Rolling Stone)

"All You Had to Do Was Stay" is "about a guy who was never willing to commit (ditto)." (Rolling Stone). Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Style" is "a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt." (Rolling Stone) Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Out of the Woods" (click here for the updated analysis of "Out of the Woods")  is quite possibly the song I am most excited for from this new group.  It is "a frantic tale" about her relationship with Harry Styles where she says "'every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week.'" They even ended up in the hospital following a snowmobile accident in Utah in December 2012 because he "lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes." They both had to go to the ER, but Taylor wasn't hurt as bad.  She said that they went to the hospital and asked everyone to not say anything, and no one did.  (You revealed your own secret Taylor!)
 Harry had a banged up chin, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room." (lyrics from "Out of the Woods"). (Rolling Stone)

I am so excited for all the new songs and can't wait to hear all of them! Don't forget I'll include some more detail analysis once we have the songs in hand.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Shake It Off" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the first single from her new album 1989, "Shake It Off". This song is extra special for me because I was at the Yahoo live stream in New York City August 18th, 2014 when it was released.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off" single cover.

I don't know about you, but with all new Taylor songs it takes me a while to get used to them and then I love them. I love them the more I learn about why she wrote them and the meaning behind the song. It was so fun to dance with her to this song at the live stream, but I really didn't appreciate it until I heard why she wrote it and thought about it more. 

Who is this song about?

Taylor Swift dancing with a fan at the Yahoo livesteam August 18, 2014 in New York City to "Shake It Off".
Photo credit ABC News.

This song is about Taylor! During the last couple of years she has gotten a lot of flack for dating lots of guys, most notably Carrie Underwood at the 2012 CMA Awards when she and Brad Paisely joked about her split from Conor and Amy Poeler/Tina Fey at the Golden Globes when they joked she should stay away from Michael J Fox's son. There have also been numerous articles about her love life. Let me just tell you right now I went on just as many dates as Taylor or more, but I wasn't under the same amount of scrutiny and am glad for that. I don't know if I could have handled it the way she does. 

In her Good Morning America interview August 18, 2014 Taylor said, 

"The message in the song is a problem I think we all deal with and an issue we deal with on a daily basis. We don't like just in a celebrity takedown culture, we live in a takedown culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it's weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don't understand you; you have to have more fun than they do."

I think it's amazing that she is able to just "shake" off all the negativity and that she had this music in her mind telling her everything's going to be okay. 

In the rap portion of the song, she references Harry styles with is new girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, "My ex man brought his new girlfriend". He is the also the player that is referenced in the song. "Players going to play", and he certainly does that. I don't blame her for not staying with him.   

Taylor has really shown that she is just dancing it off and dancing to her own beat. At numerous award shows and concerts she is the liveliest one in the audience. Taylor I am so glad you are able to shake off all the players and haters and know that everything's going to be alright!

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Shake It Off".

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Girl At Home" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Girl At Home" from her deluxe Target Red album.

I so relate to Taylor in this song.  I have known plenty of guys in my lifetime that were dating someone else and flirting incessantly with other girls or weren't dating anyone specifically, but flirted with every girl they knew.

Taylor tells Yahoo music, "And there's a song called 'Girl at Home,' which was about a guy who had a girlfriend, and I just felt like it was disgusting that he was flirting with other girls."

Who is the guy that was flirting with other girls?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, Central Park 2012
I thought about it long and hard, and decided on Harry Styles!  They met at the 2012 Nickelodeon's 25th Annual Kids' Choice Awards introduced to each other by Justin Bieber and while he was nice, he flirted with tonz of girls.  He even kissed Emma Ostilly after he met Taylor.

Taylor shows that she has interest in him, "it would be a fine preposition" but she would only go along with it "If I was a stupid girl/And yeah I might go with it/If I hadn't once been just like her." He's "the kind of man who makes me sad/While she waits up/You chase down the newest thing/And take for granted what you have."  She has had this happen a few times to her, one of the biggest ones being Joe Jonas, which she sings about in "Better Than Revenge".

I am proud of Taylor for not going along with this flirtatious guy.  I know from experience that they can be very charming to you and to every other girl they meet, and it only ends in heartbreak.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Girl At Home".
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