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Friday, January 1, 2016

"Out of the Woods" Music Video, Meaning

Taylor Swift debuted her "Out of the Woods" music video from her 1989 album December 31, 2015 on Ryan Secrest's Rockin' New Year's Eve celebration.

Here's the video with the words that appeared on the screen before and after the video:




The video is amazing.  It shows Taylor in the same blue dress the whole time, but shows her facing different elements; water, fire, snow, earth, air.  The music video was directed by Joseph Kahn.  I think this was their best collaboration yet, probably because it's one of my favorite songs.  The music video also features elements from the song "Clean", the beginning and ending text for the video are from the liner notes for the song, "Clean".  And at her 1989 World Tour Concert the video background was Taylor in the water for most of the song, like some of the elements in "Out of the Woods" video.

In the beginning of the video Taylor is scared, the woods are starting to grow on the beach.  She is then in the woods with the vines still growing and the wolves are chasing after her.  It is getting thick and cold.  She falls down and the wolves grab her dress.  The next part she is on top of a cliff through the air, but this time she is walking with the wolves, not as scared of them anymore.  She is walking barefoot through the snow, which had to be cold.  She rips off her paper airplane necklace and with the wolves behind her she throws it over the ledge, she then falls off the edge into water and then is on a barren wasteland with a single tree.  She walks to it and it becomes an icy tree.  Her hand become icy, and then her whole body is icy and it breaks.  She is then running again through the mud, then crawls through the mud.  The trees grow around her, and now she is not muddy, but part of the tree.  There are fireflies all around.  In the end there are scenes from all of these trials she went through, the snow, dessert, mud, cliff, water, snow, fire and the tree in the end.  These trials are how she found herself.  Gradually through the video Taylor is becoming more and more confident with the wolves and herself and is not afraid anymore.  The woods disappear and all of the sudden Taylor is walking towards herself.

Perhaps the most poignant moment is when Taylor finds herself in the end.  She is on the beach and another version of herself walks up to her and touches her shoulder. She went through all these trials, but she is finally clean and out of the woods.

What does all this mean?  The wolves are the reporters, media and paparazzi.  At first she was scared of them, but after a while Taylor has become a master of using them to her advantage.  The elements all represent the same things, but by using all the elements she shows how hard that was. She was going through a really hard time in her life before she wrote 1989.  It was not just the relationship with Harry Styles, but relationships with others, the portrayal in the media, her own label not wanting to let her do pop music, an probably more things the public does not even know. The iciness represents how lifeless and out of control things were for her, but when the ice broke the control people had over her did too. She had to drag herself through the mud and embrace it to become a beautiful tree. She embraced the cliff and jumped off of it, symbolizing taking chances and risks.  She did not drown when she came out, but was in a dessert. It is interesting to note the fire was only present in the end sequence signifying a cleaning a release of all the things that had held her back.

In the end, Taylor found herself, and she did what she wanted for the first time in a long time.  She produced the record she wanted to, she figured out how to handle her fame, she was really happy with who she was and she was finally clean. I'm glad she found herself and is so happy, she definitely deserves it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Out of the Woods" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is meaning of the song "Out of The Woods" from her 1989 album.

When I first heard this song I could definitely hear the 80's sound, especially the intro. According to USA Today it features percussion and synthesizers, a Yamaha DX7 and a "super-distorted Minimoog Voyager". Taylor wrote this song with Jack Antonoff, he wrote the track and then she put lyrics and a melody to it.  What she came back with was brilliant Jack said to USA Today, "she wove this whole story that felt like it came from the outer space of your head."  One of the most interesting things about the development of the song was Jack's voice being used as the back ground.  He told USA Today, "I just chopped this piece of my voice singing and started looping it over and over. Then I started banging on some drums I had in the room and stomping on the floor and sampling all these sounds to make this big bombastic looping beat with the sample on top of it."

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift
Taylor says, "This song is about the fragility and breakable nature of some relationships, this was a relationship where it was kind of living day to day wondering where it was going if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day.  It was a relationship where you kind of never feel like you're standing on solid ground.  That kind of a feeling brings on excitement, but also extreme anxiety, and kind of a frantic feeling of wondering, endless questions.  This songs sounds exactly like that frantic feeling of anxiety and questioning. But it stresses that even if a relationship is breakable and fragile and full of anxiety, it doesn't mean that it isn't worthwhile, exciting, beautiful and all the things that we look for." The verses and the chorus serve as a counterpoint to one another.  The chorus is repetitive and frantic, "Are we out of the woods", and "Are we in the clear" repeated over and over.  Then the verses have a distinct melody and tell a story. She is wondering, hoping if their relationship is in the clear. She spends the whole song looking for that clear, just to get that relief.

I think a lot of people can relate this this stage, the honeymoon stage in a relationship, where everything is new and exciting, but you don't know where you stand, the relationship stands, what the other person wants. You are just dating and it can be so stressful.

Who is this song about?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles wearing matching airplane necklaces.
It's about Harry Styles. They dated twice, but this song is about the second time they dated. It was a whirlwind romance. They dated from November 2012 to January 2013. The whole time was crazy. She told Rolling Stone "every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week." They were in different cities all the time, Taylor promoting her new album Red. They met in many places; meeting up in Central Park for a very public date, New York for New Year's Eve, LA for her performance on X Factor, LA for him to get a tatoo, London for her birthday, Utah to spend some time in the snow where the line "20 stitches in a hospital room" came from, and finally Virgin where things ended and Taylor was seen leaving on a boat by herself.

According to Rolling Stone "She says it was inspired by a snowmobile ride with an ex who lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Both of them had to go to the ER, although Swift wasn't hurt. She corrects herself: 'Not as hurt.' "  This was their ski trip in December 2012 in Utah. She asked the hospital staff not to say anything and they didn't.  It was a miracle.  She told Rolling Stone she included this line because "People think they know the whole narrative of my life, I think maybe that line is there to remind people that there are really big things they don't know about."

Photo courtesy of Harry Styles
The song describes other things they liked to do together that the media didn't see, taking Polaroids, wearing matching airplane necklaces (I wonder if they chose this because they had to fly to be with each other), "moving the furniture so [they] could dance". But the pace was too frantic, it didn't work out. They were constantly hounded by the media, they couldn't be alone. It scared them so much, they "couldn't take the heat", she "walked out", and said “I’m setting you free.” But later Taylor realized that the monsters chasing them were just trees, not as scary as what they had imagined. I hope that Taylor doesn't give up on love, because there will be a time when she will get out of the woods and it really doesn't matter what other people think of her relationships. I am glad she enjoyed this one even if it was so stressful.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Out of the Woods" Lyrics

Out of the Woods Lyrics (1989 Album)

Written by Taylor Swift/Jack Antonoff

Looking at it now
It all seems so simple
We were lying on your couch
I remember
You took a Polaroid of us
Then discovered
The rest of the world was black and white
But we were in screaming color
And I remember thinking…

Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods yet?
Are we out of the woods?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
Are we in the clear yet?
In the clear yet, good.
Are we out of the woods?

Looking at it now
Last December, we were built to fall apart
Then fall back together
Your necklace hanging from my neck
The night we couldn’t quite forget
When we decided
To move the furniture so we could dance
Baby, like we stood a chance
Two paper airplanes flying, flying…
And I remember thinking


Remember when you hit the brakes too soon
Twenty stitches in a hospital room
When you started crying
Baby, I did too
But when the sun came up
I was looking at you
Remember when we couldn’t take the heat
I walked out, I said “I’m setting you free”
But the monsters turned out to be just trees
When the sun came up
You were looking at me.
You were looking at me… Oh
You were looking at me.
I remember.
Oh, I remember..


Monday, September 8, 2014

"Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style",and "Out of the Woods" Introduction

Today's Taylor Swift SONGS are the introductory meanings of the songs; "Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style", and "Out of the Woods" from her 1989 album. They are featured in the Rolling Stone article, "The Reinvention of Taylor Swift" from September 8, 2014.

Who is each one about?

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit: Theo Wanner)
The Rolling Stone article gives us some clues.

"Bad Blood" is about Katy Perry   Taylor told Rolling Stone, "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, 'Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'" Then last year, the other star crossed a line. "She did something so horrible, I was like, 'Oh, we're just straight-up enemies.' And it wasn't even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I'm surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It's awkward, and I don't like it." 

She wanted to make sure people knew it was not about a boy, "But I just want people to know it's not about a guy. You don't want to shade someone you used to date and make it seem like you hate him, when that's not the case. And I knew people would immediately be going in one direction." (Rolling Stone)

Katy stole some of Taylor's dancers and crew from her tour.  An ex dancer of Taylor's Lockhart Brownlie, who formally danced with Katy told Manika Dadson Dec. 20, 2013, "I was with Taylor for the first six months. It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us." And the rest is history, or a song in this case. Click here for a detailed analysis of this song. 

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit:Theo Wenner)
"I Wish You Would" is "about an ex who bought a house two blocks from" Taylor's place. (Rolling Stone)

"All You Had to Do Was Stay" is "about a guy who was never willing to commit (ditto)." (Rolling Stone). Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Style" is "a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt." (Rolling Stone) Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Out of the Woods" (click here for the updated analysis of "Out of the Woods")  is quite possibly the song I am most excited for from this new group.  It is "a frantic tale" about her relationship with Harry Styles where she says "'every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week.'" They even ended up in the hospital following a snowmobile accident in Utah in December 2012 because he "lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes." They both had to go to the ER, but Taylor wasn't hurt as bad.  She said that they went to the hospital and asked everyone to not say anything, and no one did.  (You revealed your own secret Taylor!)
 Harry had a banged up chin, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room." (lyrics from "Out of the Woods"). (Rolling Stone)

I am so excited for all the new songs and can't wait to hear all of them! Don't forget I'll include some more detail analysis once we have the songs in hand.
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