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Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Sparks Fly" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song, the meaning of "Sparks Fly". I love this song. It reminds me of the love of my life, not the whole song, but the line "'cause I see sparks fly whenever you smile." I love being around my love and the love just gets stronger and stronger. That is the beautiful things about Taylor Swift songs. Sometimes you relate to the whole song, sometimes just a little, but you can relate to almost all of them. Here she is a big celebrity and you can still relate to her songs. She writes in a way that speaks to everyone.

Who is this song about? There are a few hints. In the lyrics booklet the word PORTLAND OREGON is in capital letters. In the song she also mentions rain twice, "The way you move is like a full on rainstorm", and "Meet me in the pouring rain". It rains a lot in Portland. In the last part of the music video it is also raining. Taylor says about this song, "This is a song that I wrote a few years ago and had been working on it ever since in the last two years and just honing in on little lyrics and changing them, so it’s really been awesome to see it change over the years.”
She opened for Jake Owen in October 2006 in, drum roll please.....Portland, Oregon. Here is an exert from her myspace journal.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Happy Halloween Happy Halloween! I’m sitting at the airport in Portland, Oregon.. About to get on a red-eye flight (Oh yes, I just said red-eye. Meaning, all night. This should be interesting…) to Toronto, Canada for another weekend of Rascal Flatts shows. Tonight was awesome. It was a show in Portland at a bar called Duke’s, I opened up for Jake Owen. And a little back-story, I’ve had his album on repeat for the past couple of months.. It’s an amazing album and I literally cannot stop listening to it. I’ve got every line memorized, and if you see me on a plane.. Chances are, I’m listening to some song off that album, at a volume level that’s probably going to cause long-term hearing damage someday. ANYWAY. I got to walk in on his sound check and meet him. Turns out he’s extremely cool, and had bought my album on iTunes. And since I had to leave after one song of his set, he played my favorite song “8 Second Ride” first. Which is another reason why he’s awesome. And just to let everyone know, YES, I did dress up for Halloween. Yes, I stood onstage in an angel costume with huge wings (that really conflicted with my guitar playing). And I convinced my two guitar players Todd and Kevin to put on those little headbands with the devil ears attached. Haha. Oh yeah, it was great. It’s so awesome playing to a crowd and seeing some people who know the words to EVERY SONG! I love that the album is out, and I love that y’all are listening to it. You guys are so awesome, and I really appreciate all of your comments. I love you all so much. Thanks for everything.

It appears also that Jake Owen has green eyes,"Get me with those green eyes, baby, as the lights go down".

Who knows if anything happened, but she was 17 and he was 26 so anything was probably out of the question. It was probably just a crush and this is a song about her crush. Who hasn't had a crush on an older guy when you were in high school? Since she said before that she wrote the song a while ago it makes sense that it could be about him. My guess she has been able to relate other guys to this song (John Mayer) since she wrote it. Maybe some of the lines in the song have to do with him, "You're the kind of reckless, That should send me runnin' ".

Click here for the lyrics, "Sparks Fly".

Click here for the official music video to "Sparks Fly".

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Back to December" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song, the meaning of  "Back to December", released in her "Speak Now" album.

This song was a turning point for Taylor Swift as it was an apology rather than a song about an ex boyfriend. It was a song about how she was wrong. I like to compare this song to "Dear John". Taylor Swift admits that she was in the wrong and acted like some of the people that she writes songs about, "You gave me roses and I left them there to die".

Taylor says, “’Back to December’ is a song that addresses a first for me, in that I’ve never apologized to someone in a song before. This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him. So this is a song full of words that I would say to him.”

Who was this song about?

In the lyric booklet the word TAY is in caps. It is about Taylor Lautner.  They met when they filmed Valentine's Day in October 2009. They broke up right before New Year's, hence the "Back to December" time frame. Taylor Lautner's birthday is February 11, 1992, which would have been after they dated, "When your birthday passed and I didn't call." Did they get back together?

Click here for the lyrics, "Back To December"

No they didn't. She performed the song November 21 at the AMA's and at the end of the song she integrated the song "Apologize" by One Republic and changed the words "It's too late to apologize" to "And then he said it was too late to apologize." Too bad Taylor. Interestingly enough "Apologize is a song that Taylor Lautner had lip synced to for a class project. You can see both Taylor's performances below.

Taylor Lautner's lip sync.

Click here for the official music video for the song, "Back To December".

(In the video the lead male is wearing a jacket that is similar to a jacket that Taylor Lautner wore while they were dating.)

Monday, September 17, 2012

"Tim McGraw" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song, the meaning of "Tim McGraw". 

This was Taylor's debut single that helped introduce her to the world. It was released June 19, 2006. "This song means so much to me, that's why we wanted it to be the first track on the album."

Who was this song about?
File:Taylor Swift - Tim McGraw.PNG

Taylor this song her freshman year of high school. She dating Drew at the time who also inspired "Our Song". "The idea for this song came to me in math class. I just started singing to myself `When you think Tim McGraw.' The concept for this song hit me, because I was dating a guy who moved away, and it was going to be over for us. So I started thinking of things that I knew would remind him of me. I knew we were going to break up so I started thinking of all the things that I knew would remind him of me. Surprisingly, the first thing that came to mind was that my favorite country artist is Tim McGraw. After school, I went downtown, sat down at the piano, and wrote this with Liz Rose in fifteen minutes. It may be the best fifteen minutes I've ever experienced."

Her favorite Tim McGraw song at the time was"Can't Tell Me Nothin" from his album "Live Like You Were Dying". It is capitalized in the liner notes.

Click here for the lyrics, "Tim McGraw".

Taylor Swift performed her song for Tim McGraw where met him for the first time. She says, "Hi, I'm Taylor" at the end of her performance, and she kept pointing to him and looking at the camera in disbelief. Since then they have been friends and have even performed duets together.

Click here for the official music video to the song, "Tim McGraw".

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"You Belong With Me" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song, the meaning of  "You Belong With Me" from her "Fearless" album.

I'm really excited about this one because it was one of the first songs that really turned me on to Taylor Swift's music. I memorized every word. I personally like her pop music more than her country music and this one has a little of both.

This song is about a the typical girl next door who is in love with her best friend, but he has a girlfriend. One that doesn't treat him very well and the main character in the song can totally see it and wants to be with him.

Taylor says, "This song is basically about wanting someone who is with this girl who doesn't appreciate him at all. Basically like 'girl-next-door-itis.' You like this guy who you have for your whole life, and you know him better than she does but somehow the popular girl gets the guy every time."

What inspired Taylor to write this song? Was she in love with one of her best friends?

She was inspired to write this song because she "overheard a friend of mine talking to his girlfriend and he was completely on the defensive saying, 'No, baby...I had to get off the phone really quickly...I tried to call you right back...Of course I love you. More than anything! Baby, I’m so sorry.' She was just yelling at him! I felt so bad for him at that moment."

"So I came up with the first line 'You’re on the phone with your girlfriend she’s upset, going off about something that you said,' and I ran that into the story line that I’m in love with him and he should be with me instead of her. It just became this whole picture. It was really fun for us to write the line, 'She wears short skirts, I wear T-shirts.' "

Click her for lyrics to the song: "You Belong With Me".

Taylor Swift plays the friend and the girlfriend in the video. This music video landed Taylor an award for Best Female Video at the MTV video music awards. During the speech she was interrupted by Kanye West who thought Beyonce should have won the award. The event caused a media frenzy with President Obama even calling out Kanye. He later apologized and Taylor accepted and even wrote a song about it, "Innocent".

Click here for the official music video to the song, "You Belong With Me".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Enchanted" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift Song, the meaning of "Enchanted" from her "Speak Now"album! 

I love the instrumentation in this song and the words of the song. It reminds me of the beginning of a relationship, the first time you meet someone that you know you're going to love and just hoping hoping hoping that you are the only that they like too.

Why did Taylor write this song?

The lyric booklet hint is ADAM.  She randomly capitalizes letters in songs to give hints at what the song is about. She wrote this song about the first time she met Adam Young of Owl City in New York city. Taylor said,

"That song is about pining away for if you're ever going to see someone again-walking away too early. It was about this guy that I met in New York City, and I had talked to him on email or something before, but I had never met him. And meeting him, it was this overwhelming feeling of: I really hope that you're not in love with somebody. And the whole entire way home, I remember the glittery New York City buildings passing by, and then just sitting there thinking, am I ever going to talk to this person again? And that pining away for a romance that may never even happen, but all you have is this hope that it could, and the fear that it never will.

I started writing that in the hotel room when I got back. Because it just was this positive, wistful feeling of: I hope you understand just how much I loved meeting you. I hope that you know that meeting you was not something that I took lightly, or just in passing. And I think my favorite part of that song is the part where, in the bridge, it goes to sort of a stream of consciousness of 'Please don't be in love with someone else/Please don't have somebody waiting on you.' Because at that moment, that's exactly what my thoughts were. And it feels good to write exactly what your thoughts were in a certain moment."

She purposely used the word wonderstruck in the song because she knew it was a word that he liked, "I'm wonderstruckblushing all the way home". She said, "That's a word which that person used one time in an email. And I don't think I've ever heard anybody use that term before, so I purposely wrote it in the song, so he would know."

Click here for the lyrics to the song, "Enchanted".

He did respond with is own version (audio below) of Enchanted saying:

"They say 'timing is everything,' and that brings us to now. Today is Valentine's Day. And thus, here is my reply:

Dearest Taylor,
I'll be the first to admit I'm a rather shy boy, and since music is the most eloquent form of communication I can muster, I decided to record something for you - as sort of a 'reply' to the breathtaking song on your current record. This is what I wanted so badly to tell you in person but could never quite put into words:

Everything about you is beautiful. You're an immensely charming girl with a wonderful heart and more grace and elegance than I know how to describe. You are a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale; a modern Cinderella. I'm terribly sorry it's taken me such a long time to reply, but I figured Valentine's Day was the perfect time to write this note to you and simply say ... I was enchanted to meet you too."


Did anything ever happen with Adam?

Sadly :(, nothing happened because of this and Adam has since taken down this entry from his website.

Oh well.Taylor Swift did make a perfume inspired by the song, Wonderstruck. Taylor says, "A fragrance can help shape someone’s first impression and memory of you. It’s exciting to think that Wonderstruck will play a role in creating some of those memories."

The Wonderstruck perfume is "A perfectly charmed deep purple bottle holds this enchanting fragrance. The iridescent rainbow finish, never before used in the fragrance industry, gives the bottle a magical glow. The antiqued gold charms that adorn the bottle were hand-picked by Taylor and are reminiscent of her unique style. The Moravian star, dove and birdcage charms are signature decorative elements that evoke Taylor’s whimsical flair. The charms appear once again within the intricate detail of the embossed cap, capturing Taylor’s love of hidden messages. The carton is a modern day patchwork, homage to the many fabrics Taylor has collected on her travels. The finishing touch to the package is a gold embossed 13, which fans will recognize as Taylor’s lucky number." (A description of the bottle)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Ronan" Song Meaning

This post is about the song titled “Ronan”, don't read this if you don't want to cry. Taylor Swift wrote the song “Ronan” about a little boy who died of cancer named Ronan.  He lived in Phoenix.  Taylor connected and became friends with Ronan's mother Maya Thompson after she read her blog. Ronan died a few days before he was four from neuroblastoma, a cancer that affects the nervous system.

Taylor performed the song Ronan at the Stand Up to Cancer marathon September 7, 2012. You can buy the song on Itunes and you can also make donations to Ronan's foundation.
After she performed it she was in tears.  How sweet, it shows that she truly cares about what she is doing.

Taylor shed tears after leaving the venue.
Taylor with her mother

Maya's reaction to the song was powerful, thankful and intense.
"I couldn’t even focus on the words that were coming out of Taylor’s mouth. I could see was the raw emotion, sadness, beauty, and pain that filled her face. She looked like an angel."

“Those lyrics. My words. She got them so perfectly right. Every single little detail about your life and your death. The way she portrayed my grieving, broken heart. “Flowers pile up in the worst way, no one knows what to say…” All the little details, meant so much to me. She was the one meant to sing your song. Nobody else, could have made it complete and utter magic while filling it with such raw sadness and beauty. I truly believe you picked her to do this, Ronan. There  is a reason she could not forget about you and your big blue eyes, that is beyond just Taylor and myself. I truly believe this is all you and Taylor listening to heart, which has turned this song into what I think, is the best song of her life. I am so moved by her and the vulnerability she displayed while singing this song. That took it to an entirely different level for me."

"Thoughts of Taylor fill my head and the gift of eternal life she has just given to us, fill me with a bittersweet calmness that I’m not used to feeling anymore. That is the gift she has given to us. A way to keep you alive in the hearts of millions, that I would have never been able to reach. She is giving so many, the gift of you and our story, that is so worthy of knowing. The story of true love and how powerful it can be when it comes from such a pure place. How good things can come from the worst thing imaginable happening if one chooses to gather strength from it, instead of letting it destroy them like it can so easily do."

As a mother I really relate to this song.  It would be devastating to find out one day that your child has cancer and may possibly die.  One of the lines that stood out to me was "You were my best four years", and "And what if the miracle was even getting One moment with you?" It shows me the mother truly treasures each and every moment she had with her son. Instead of focusing on why did he went (she does ask that in one line), she treasures the time she had with him and relishes the memories. Most of the song focuses on memories.

Click here for the lyrics, "Ronan"

Taylor singing the song:

Friday, September 7, 2012

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Song Meaning

"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was released as a single from her new album Red August 13, 2012 and broke all sorts of records.

What is this song about?

Taylor was in the recording studio and "this guy walks in that was a friend of my exes and starts talking about how he’s heard we were getting back together and that was not the case,” Swift said. ”When he leaves, Max and Johan [the writers] are like, ‘So what’s the story behind that?’ And so I start telling them the story of break up, get back together, break up, get back together, just, ugh, the worst.” (Taylor Swift, interview with ABC Cynthia McFadden)

It took a while to figure out, but the song is about Jake Gyllenhaal. Here are the clues, mostly from the video:
  • The opening is a city scene much like New York where they had their romance. 
  • She is wearing a gold bracelet and scarf in the video, the bracelet a gift from her birthday from Jake and the scarf is an item of his she wore when she dated him. An item the "boyfriend" gives her in the video. 
  • In one of the scenes there is snow. Taylor and Jake dated in the winter and it was definitely snowing. They dated from October 2010 to December 2010, and then a little in January and February 2011.
  • The "ex" is wearing a blue puffer jacket, one like Jake wore while they were dating. His was full sleeve, the "boyfriend's" was sleeveless. 
  • They broke up in December 2010 and he tried to get back together a month later in January/February 2011, "We haven't seen each other in a month." 
  • In one of the scenes Swift is seen with teacups and plates in a kitchen, Taylor and Jake had coffee dates while they were together. 
  • The boyfriend has a beard, much like Jake did while they were dating. 
  • Last of all, the boyfriend looks a little like Jake.

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