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Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Style" Music Video

Here is the music video for "Style" by Taylor Swift from her 1989 album. I am not the biggest fan of this video. It would be a great video minus some parts, like the creepy eyes showing up everywhere. It just doesn't fit the song. The song is upbeat and happy, this could have been such a fun happy video celebrating their relationship. This footage in this video could have been used for "Clean" or Wildest Dreams" much more appropriately.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Style" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song "Style" from her album 1989.

This song it sounds like two different songs, the chorus and the verses have a different and distinct sound.  This first part of the song sounds like you are driving around with just a drum and synthesizer playing an ostinato, the same musical phrase over and over.  The chorus has a fuller sound incorporating a lot more instruments and a lot more confident tone. It all makes it sound amazing and really defines the two moods of the song.  The verses focus on the story and Taylor's uneasiness in the romance.  The guy comes picks her up at "midnight" and she knows that last time things didn't end well. But her reasoning is ignored, because their relationship is just that good.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

Taylor said at her livestream secret session October 27, 2014 "When I wrote this next song I was thinking about how we have these kind of fashion staples that never quite, we never quite throw them out of our closet, right? No one's going to be like, why are you wearing a little black dress, no on wears that, that was so two years ago. Everybody has that perfect little black dress or for a guy that great white t-shirt that fits you perfect. You may not necessarily wear them all the time, but they're always there in the back of your closet in case you need to go to your old standby, that classic thing that always works.  I was thinking about that, and I then I was thinking about how there are feelings like that, how there are trends that never go out of style and how there are feelings that never go out of style.  Do you see where I'm going with this?"

She compares the love to classic looks like "red lip classic", "long hair/slicked back
White t-shirt" and a "James Dean daydream look in your eye", who coincidentally make the white t shirt famous.

Who was this romance with that never went out of style?

James Dean in a white t-shirt
Just take a look at the name of the song, Style.  It was Harry Styles. 

Taylor Swift told On the Air with Ryan Seacrest, on October 31, 2014, "Well it's basically kind of one of those relationships that's always a bit off. I talk about in another song on the record, a crooked love, which is kind of like never quite synced up right.  The two people are trying to forget each other and they've both been out with other people and they've both tried to forget the other.  It's like, I heard you went out went off with her and you came back and well I've done that too so... I would never have said anything like that on a previous album.  My previous albums have always been sort of like, I was right you were wrong, you did this, it made me feel like this, kind of a sense of sense of right and wrong in a relationship.  What happens when you grow up is you realize that the rules in a relationship are very blurred, and that it gets very complicated very quickly. There's not always a case of who was right and who was wrong."
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles recreating a classic pose 12/11/2012
from Dirty Dancing.  Harry has his white t-shirt on :)
This is exactly how their story went down.  Taylor met Harry at the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids Awards in March 2012.  Then she saw him in the news with other girls, hence the lines, "I say I heard -Oh
That you been out and about/With some other girl".  But while he'd been out with other girls, she'd been out with other guys, Conor Kennedy.   Hence the lines, "I said I've been there too a/Few times".  This happens all the time.  I had friends in high school that liked each other, but never at the same time. They were always dating other people usually at opposite times. They finally got in sync when they went to college.  When they decided they wanted to get married, they waited for a few years, because one of them was out of the country always doing something.  It took a long time, but their love is solid.  There are some things in life that are just classic and will never go out of style, sounds like they had a great time together!

Interestingly enough he wrote a song about Taylor in rebuttal to her album, "Perfect".  Click here for the meaning of that song.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Style".

PS This was the last song written for the record on February 19, 2014.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Style" Lyrics

Style Lyrics (1989 Album)

Written by Taylor Swift, Max Martin, Shellback & All Payami

You come and pick me up
No head lights
Long drive
Could end in burning flames
Or paradise
Fade into view-oh
It's been a while since I have even
Heard from you
I should just tell you to leave
'Cause I
Know exactly where it leads
but I watch us go round and round
Each time

You got that James Dean
Day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic
Thing that you like
And when we go crashing down
We come back every time.
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style
You got that long hair, slicked back
White t-shirt.
And I got that good girl thing
And a tight little skirt
And when we go crashing down
We come back in every time
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

So it goes
He can't keep his wild eyes
On the road
Takes me home
Lights are off
He's taking
Off his coat
I say I heard -Oh
That you been out and about,
With some other girl
Some other girl
He says what you've heard is
True but I
Can't stop thinking about you
And I
I said I've been there too a
Few times


Take me home
Just take me home
Just take me home

You got that James Dean
Day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic
Thing that you like
And when we go crashing down
We come back every time.
'Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

Monday, September 8, 2014

"Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style",and "Out of the Woods" Introduction

Today's Taylor Swift SONGS are the introductory meanings of the songs; "Bad Blood", "I Wish You Would", "All You Had to Do Was Stay", "Style", and "Out of the Woods" from her 1989 album. They are featured in the Rolling Stone article, "The Reinvention of Taylor Swift" from September 8, 2014.

Who is each one about?

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit: Theo Wanner)
The Rolling Stone article gives us some clues.

"Bad Blood" is about Katy Perry   Taylor told Rolling Stone, "For years, I was never sure if we were friends or not. She would come up to me at awards shows and say something and walk away, and I would think, 'Are we friends, or did she just give me the harshest insult of my life?'" Then last year, the other star crossed a line. "She did something so horrible, I was like, 'Oh, we're just straight-up enemies.' And it wasn't even about a guy! It had to do with business. She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me. And I'm surprisingly non-confrontational – you would not believe how much I hate conflict. So now I have to avoid her. It's awkward, and I don't like it." 

She wanted to make sure people knew it was not about a boy, "But I just want people to know it's not about a guy. You don't want to shade someone you used to date and make it seem like you hate him, when that's not the case. And I knew people would immediately be going in one direction." (Rolling Stone)

Katy stole some of Taylor's dancers and crew from her tour.  An ex dancer of Taylor's Lockhart Brownlie, who formally danced with Katy told Manika Dadson Dec. 20, 2013, "I was with Taylor for the first six months. It was a great experience and she's a great person to work with, but then Katy contacted us." And the rest is history, or a song in this case. Click here for a detailed analysis of this song. 

Taylor Swift (Photo Credit:Theo Wenner)
"I Wish You Would" is "about an ex who bought a house two blocks from" Taylor's place. (Rolling Stone)

"All You Had to Do Was Stay" is "about a guy who was never willing to commit (ditto)." (Rolling Stone). Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Style" is "a sexy Miami Vice-sounding throwback about a guy with slicked-back hair and a white T-shirt and a girl in a tight little skirt." (Rolling Stone) Click here for a detailed analysis of this song.

"Out of the Woods" (click here for the updated analysis of "Out of the Woods")  is quite possibly the song I am most excited for from this new group.  It is "a frantic tale" about her relationship with Harry Styles where she says "'every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week.'" They even ended up in the hospital following a snowmobile accident in Utah in December 2012 because he "lost control and wrecked it so badly that she saw her life flash before her eyes." They both had to go to the ER, but Taylor wasn't hurt as bad.  She said that they went to the hospital and asked everyone to not say anything, and no one did.  (You revealed your own secret Taylor!)
 Harry had a banged up chin, "Remember when you hit the brakes too soon/Twenty stitches in a hospital room." (lyrics from "Out of the Woods"). (Rolling Stone)

I am so excited for all the new songs and can't wait to hear all of them! Don't forget I'll include some more detail analysis once we have the songs in hand.
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