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Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Two Ghosts" Song Meaning

Today's song is not a Taylor Swift song, but it is a song that concerns Taylor. What song is it? It is "Two Ghosts" by Harry Styles released May 12, 2017 on his LP, "Harry Styles".

Who is this song about?

Let's see what Harry said first. Harry told Nick Grimshaw of BBC Radio 1 on May 12, 2017, "I think it's about, sometimes things change, and you can do all the same things, and sometimes it's just different, you know?" I think he is saying sometimes things change in a relationship, all of the sudden the spark is not there anymore. By the way he was wearing a white shirt at the interview something he mentions in the song.

Harry also told Cameron Crowe of Rolling Stone on April 18, 2017"In writing songs about stuff like that, I like tipping a hat to the time together. You’re celebrating the fact it was powerful and made you feel something, rather than, ‘This didn’t work out, and that’s bad.’ And if you run into that person, maybe it’s awkward, maybe you have to get drunk … but you shared something. Meeting someone new, sharing those experiences, it’s the best s— ever. So thank you.” This is a major clue what "Two Ghosts is about."

The major clue who this song is about is in the first two lines, "Same lips red, same eyes blue/
Same white shirt, couple more tattoos." These lines reference Taylor's song "Style". In that song Taylor says, "You've got that James Dean day dream look in your eye, And I got that red lip, classic thing that you like". James Dean wore a white shirt all the time like the white shirt Harry references. He is also known to get tattooed. Taylor wore red lipstick when they were together talking about it in her song  and has blue eyes. She also references his white shirt, "long hair slick back, white t-shirt".

The next line references a fridge light. This line references Taylor's song "All Too Well", one of her most underwater songs if you ask me. In that song she dances in the refrigerator light. I think Harry is paying an ode to this song saying "the fridge light washes this room white." And apparently Taylor has a good side. 

But alas the relationship did not work out and Harry says why. He says "We're not who we used to be//We're just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me." They tell "those stories we already told/'Cause we don't say what we really mean." What he thinks they really mean is there is no spark anymore; the feelings are not as strong. I do not think Taylor felt that way, but Harry did and that is why he wanted it to end. He said "Sounds like something that I used to feel/But I can't touch what I see." He used to have feelings but does not anymore. And it becomes awkward being around one another. 

So now we know why Harry ended things with Taylor. He told Rolling Stone, “Certain things don’t work out. There’s a lot of things that can be right, and it’s still wrong." Just like what he said in the song. 

I think it is really great that Harry really respects Taylor's music. He told Rolling Stone, "I mean, I don’t know if they’re about me or not …(haha he totally does) but the issue is, she’s so good, they’re bloody everywhere. They’re great songs … It’s the most amazing unspoken dialogue ever.” He also said "I’m lucky if everything [we went through] helped create those songs. That’s what hits your heart. That’s the stuff that’s hardest to say, and it’s the stuff I talk least about.”

Harry also references the song "22" on his 22nd birthday on Twitter. He also wrote "Perfect" while with One Direction about his time with Taylor. And that one just happened to be the same length as Taylor's song "Style" and plays perfectly together with "Style". What are the chances? I'm so glad he still respects her. Too bad it did not work out. Sometimes the chemistry is not there. I hope they both find someone that they can keep the spark alive with. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"New Romantics" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song, "New Romantics" from Taylor's 1989 album.

This song is going to be her next single and is probably one of the best songs on the album.  I am so glad that Taylor realized that.  It was on number 2 on Rob Sheffield's of Rolling Stone best songs of 2014 list.  He says, " 'We show off our different scarlet letters/Trust me, mine is better' is the sharpest couplet Taylor has ever written, except maybe the others in this song. I have no idea why she left a song this urgent and glittery and perfect off her album (it's a bonus track), but geniuses are weird."

Who is this song about?

It is about Taylor's new outlook on love.  She tells Josh Eells of Rolling Stone in Septemeber 2014, "I feel like watching my dating life has become a bit of a national pastime. And I'm just not comfortable providing that kind of entertainment anymore. I don't like seeing slide shows of guys I've apparently dated. I don't like giving comedians the opportunity to make jokes about me at awards shows. I don't like it when headlines read 'Careful, Bro, She'll Write a Song About You,' because it trivializes my work. And most of all, I don't like how all these factors add up to build the pressure so high in a new relationship that it gets snuffed out before it even has a chance to start. And so, I just don't date."

 "I don't have the energy to be in love right now. So, no."

 "It's not like I've sworn off love, My life is just not conducive to bringing other people into it right now. I'm very childlike and romantic about lots of things, but I'm realistic about this."

"Have you heard of the Loneliest Whale? There's this whale – I think Adrian Grenier is making a documentary about it. It swims through the ocean, and it has a call unlike any other whale's. So it doesn't have anyone to swim with. And everybody feels so sorry for this whale – but what if this whale is having a great time? Because it's not bad that I'm not hopelessly in love with someone. It's not a tragedy, and it's not me giving up and being a spinster. "

Instead she focused on making quality friendships. She had some good friends before this, Selena Gomez, Brittany, Abigail, Emma Stone etc. But she focused even more on making good friendship and became friends with Lorde, Karli Kloss and many more. She says to Eells again, "When your number-one priority is getting a boyfriend, you're more inclined to see a beautiful girl and think, 'Oh, she's gonna get that hot guy I wish I was dating. But when you're not boyfriend-shopping, you're able to step back and see other girls who are killing it and think, 'God, I want to be around her.' It's like this blazing bonfire, You can either be afraid of it because it's so powerful and strong, or you can go stand near it, because it's fun and it makes you brighter."

She certainly has made some good friends and even won a Grammy with their help in the Bad Blood music video.  Because of her renewed outlook and friends, Elle Goulding she was able to meet "Calvin Harris" Adam Wiles, and they have been dating for a year.

Taylor Swift meeting Calvin Harris for the first time at the Elle Style Awards, February 24, 2015
I think her example of not worrying about love is perfect.  I was in that situation and when I stopped worrying about love, I met the love of my life.  Life is funny like that.  I think there's like this sense about you when you are desperate for love and guys can tell.  When you do not have that sense about you they fall in love with you.

I'm so happy that Taylor discovered who she was and made some good friends.  There are enough people out there that are competitive and jealous. I'm glad she is learning who her true friends are and happy with her life.

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Perfect" by One Direction, Song Meaning with Lyrics

Today's song is the meaning of the new song by One Direction called "Perfect" from their album Made In The A.M., probably written by Harry Styles.  It's an answer to Taylor Swifts' 1989 album and all about her.  It is surprisingly a nice song.

It really reminds me of "Wildest Dreams". We see why the relationship did not work, but from Harry's perspective. Basically Harry wasn't ready to commit, "he's not good at making promises". He might not be her "knight in shining armor", the one she takes "home to mother", or "brings you flowers". He won't be the person she puts her heart into, and his "arms won't hold you anytime you want to".  But he will show her a good time, "be the one tonight" "causing trouble in hotel rooms". They can have "secret little rendezvous", doing "things you know that we shouldn't do".  They drove at midnight "with the windows down".  This is a reference to the song "Style".  They went to "places we can't even pronounce".  This made me laugh, they were globetrotting like crazy and shows his personality. Sounds a little bit like "I Know Places" right? Where Taylor talks about being able to hide from the paparazzi.  He does call Taylor out and says cameras will flash "every time that we go out" and if she needs "someone to write your breakup songs about", he will be fine with that.  This is probably the meanest comment he said about her in the song, but it is not really mean.  He says he was fine with the cameras and the songs, he knows what he is getting into when he starts dating her.   Basically the whole song is saying they were never going to get "Out of the Woods" because he didn't want to commit. If she wanted to have fun that would be perfect.

They just wanted different things, she wanted commitment, he didn't.

I've become more of a fan of One Direction over the years, this is a pretty good song. I have listened to it like 20 times already. It will be interesting to see if there are more songs about Taylor on the album...

Perfect Lyrics
One Direction

[Verse 1: Louis]
I might never be your knight in shining armor
I might never be the one you take home to mother
And I might never be the one who brings you flowers
But I can be the one, be the one tonight

[Refrain: Liam]
When I first saw you
From across the room
I could tell that you were curious (Oh, yeah)
Girl, I hope you’re sure
What you're looking for
‘Cause I'm not good at making promises

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

[Verse 2: Niall]
I might never be the hands you put your heart in
Or the arms that hold you any time you want them
But that don’t mean that we can’t live here in the moment
‘Cause I can be the one you love from time to time

[Refrain: Liam]
When I first saw you
From across the room
I could tell that you were curious (Oh, yeah)
Girl, I hope you’re sure
What you're looking for
Cause I'm not good at making promises

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out
(Oh, yeah)
And if you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, we're perfect

[Chorus: Harry]
But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

"I Know Places" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "I Know Places" from her 1989 album.

When I first heard this song I thought it was probably the least relatable song on the 1989 album. The whole concept of the song is the paparazzi and press are these vultures "circling", with cages, boxes and guns that take shots at her. "They are the hunters, we are the foxes".  Taylor has lived her life under the spotlight for years and her every move is tracked. This kind of life sounds crazy.  I can not imagine someone tracking my EVERY move, and twisting all the words I say. She is a pro at dealing with it, a pro.  In the Rolling Stone article form September 2014 she says, 'There's someone whose entire job it is to figure out things that I don't want the world to see. They look at your career, they look at what you prioritize, and they try to figure out what would be the most revealing or hurtful." I can't even imagine what that would be like.  I really can't believe there are people out there like that.  Why do they have to make her life harder?  She is a person too right?

Who is this song about?

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles in Central Park in December 2012, Taylor is wearing a foxes sweater...
Yes I tried to mislead you with the picture, this song is not about Harry Styles.  Taylor says in her song by song analysis.  "This is a song about how other people will really ruin a relationship if they get a chance to, and how it might be the best way to go about starting a relationship to keep it a secret as possible, just because it's very fragile. I think that this was a song that I wrote about sort of how covert it would have to be in order for me to ever make something work eventually."

Interestingly enough he wrote a song about Taylor in rebuttal to her album, "Perfect".  Click here for the meaning of that song.

In June 2015 she told Elle magazine, " 'I figured the way that they’d be able to relate to 'I Know Places' is like when you’re in high school and start dating someone and you really like him. And you go to your friends, 'Oh my God, I like this guy!' And they’re like, ‘Who?’ And you’re like, ‘Trevor.’ And they’re like, ‘Trevor’s, like, a weirdo emo kid, I heard his parents are swingers… Oh my God, why are you talking to Trevor? Trevor paints his nails with a Sharpie…’ And you’re like, ‘But I like Trevor.’ And then all of a sudden, people tell everybody, ‘Oh my God, Stacy likes Trevor! Oh my God, that’s so weird—maybe we shouldn’t hang out with Stacy anymore.’ It’s the same dichotomy of what happens to me when I’m like, ‘I like this guy.’ And they’re like, ‘Oh Taylor, no! Not him.’ I felt on some level we go through the same stupid social complexities. And I just knew that I’m not the only one who goes through that, that’s not unique to my situation. And I always wanted to write about foxes, to be honest. When I came up with that line—’They are the hunters, we are the foxes and we run’—I was just like, ‘This is going on the album no matter what. Foxes? Check.’ And they like that line, so I’m happy about that.’ "

After I read this quote I realated to this song more.  There was an instance in college where I liked a boy and I think he liked me too, but then his friends made fun of him and boom all of the sudden he was scared.  I can only imagine this is what happened with Harry Styles.  They were jetsetting around the world, Park City, New York City, LA, London, tropical vacations.  They were just in the spotlight too much and EVERYBODY recognized them and reported them.  Their every move was tracked.

Taylor took a very long time off dating, but I am SO GLAD that she decided to give dating a second chance, she looks so happy with Calvin Harris now.  They seem to be taking their relationship slower and more out of the spotlight, which is incredibly good for them.  Good luck Taylor and Calvin, I'm cheering for you and I hope you have found all the right places to get that fire burning strong!

Calvin is in the following picture, but guess where they are? Not in the public eye, but in her kitchen, building that strong connection away from the public eye!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Clean" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "Clean" from her 1989 album.

This song is interesting for me. To me I wish it would have been a bonus song and she would have ended the album with "New Romantics" instead and this would have been the last song of the entire album. New Romantics would have made a great juxtaposition to welcome to the New York. It's basically saying the same thing as clean. She's ready to move on, but it is just such a strong song. 

That said I think clean is a great song and it can apply to so many toxic relationships not just romantic ones. There's been times in my life when I've just had to say goodbye to a friend for me, because it was a bad friendship. And in the end I was clean of that person and ready to move on.

Who and what is this song about?

It's about Taylor and her being finally clean after her relationship with Harry Styles. It took her a long time to get over Harry, "months and months of back of forth." The song is full of metaphors, "a wine-stained dress [she] can't wear anymore" symbolizing how the stain he had left on her heart, "sky turned black like a perfect storm", a common metaphor describing feelings and emotions being black, and "Rain came pouring down", usually rain is a good thing for Taylor, but this time is was "drowning" her.  She let the "butterflies [turn] to dust", she let the emotions inside of her for him fade away, "I let the flood carry away/All my pictures of you," She let got of the pictures and good times she had swirling in her mind of him. She was "10 months sober", it was 10 months since they broke up, she says she will not get back with him, she's "never gonna risk it". She finally let the "flowers that we'd grown/Together [die] of thirst." The relationship is over she is not going to nurture that relationship anymore.  She's "finally clean" and over Harry.

Click here for lyrics to the song "Clean".

Taylor wrote "Clean" after her Red Tour in London finished, where Harry lives and she realized that she didn't need him anymore. She didn't need his texts and didn't need to see him. It is also fitting that at this time when she realized she was clean she also got a new haircut to symbolize her cleanliness. She tells Elle magazine on May 7, 2015.

" 'Shake It Off' and 'Clean' were the last two things we wrote for the record, so it shows you where I ended up mentally. 'Clean' I wrote as I was walking out of Liberty in London. Someone I used to date—it hit me that I'd been in the same city as him for two weeks and I hadn't thought about it. When it did hit me, it was like, Oh, I hope he's doing well. And nothing else. And you know how it is when you're going through heartbreak. A heartbroken person is unlike any other person. Their time moves at a completely different pace than ours. It's this mental, physical, emotional ache and feeling so conflicted. Nothing distracts you from it. Then time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, "Hello, beautiful. Good morning." You get used to not calling someone at night to tell them how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits, like texting your friends in a group chat all day and planning fun dinner parties and going out on adventures with your girlfriends, and then all of a sudden one day you're in London and you realize you've been in the same place as your ex for two weeks and you're fine. And you hope he's fine. The first thought that came to my mind was, I'm finally clean. I'd been in this media hailstorm of people having a very misconstrued perception of who I was. There were really insensitive jokes being made at awards shows by hosts; there were snarky headlines in the press—'Taylor Goes Through a Breakup: Well, That Was Swift!'—focusing on all the wrong things."

Taylor Swift February 12, 2014 sporting her new haircut, she's finally Clean.
Magazines are not the only Taylor is talking advice relating to "Clean", she also told a Swiftie on instagram on July 31, 2014, (This is pre 1989 album being released by the way.) 'Hey Caitlin, You are absolutely beautiful. Your pictures are so intriguing and I love your style. You seem so incredibly unique, In the words of one of my favorite Paramore songs, I hate to see your heart break. Honestly I wish it had never happened to you and I wish you could speed up time and all of a sudden see this pain in retrospect. We get used to things, don’t we? Waking up to a text every morning, falling asleep to a phone call, hearing someone’s name and lighting up. These are all habits we have to break when we lose someone and it’s NOT FAIR because it’s TERRIBLE and you are AWESOME. Time will break all of the old habits and create new ones for you, and in the process, you will try to handle this immense pain with dignity (because you’re that kind of girl). You actually will have to move on and you actually will be fine and that’s when he may actually miss how incredible and special you are. But whether or not that happens, I just want you to take one day at a time. You and I both know there’s got to be some greater storyline for you than 'girl gets heart broken, was sad forever'." Little did everyone know this advice was actually about her song clean.

I think it's so great she moved on and found her happiness. She's in a good place. I was worried too that she'd also sworn off dating, but she hasn't and now glad she's finally clean of those toxic people that made fun of her love life is not listening to them anymore and is loving life on her terms not theirs. I think it's great to move on from a past relationship, but also be clean enough to start a new one.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris on a date May 14, 2015

Friday, November 7, 2014

"Blank Space" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the song "Blank Space" from her 1989 album.

This is a really fun upbeat song from her album and definitely a fan favorite.  From a musical standpoint, the chorus is my favorite part of the song.  It has a really good melody.  My other favorite part of the song comes during the bridge, "Boys only one love if it's torture".  She does amazing things with her voice that sound a lot like Lorde's music.

Who is this song about?

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift
It's about Taylor, kind of.  Taylor told Chris Willman of Yahoo November 6, 2014,  I just wanted "to write this completely satirical song about the fictionalization of my personal life, and just kind of poke fun at it."

In her secret session livestream on October 27, 2014 she said,  "This is a song that I wrote with Max Martin & Shellback and I always bring them lots of ideas. I bring them like 4 or 5 first choruses that I've kind of worked on and I decided that I like them. We decide together which ones we're going to work on that day. With this one I did not think it was going to get picked because I kind of wrote it as a joke. I was thinking a lot about, you guys know, you've seen in the last couple of years, it's been interesting what the media has decided to fictionalize and sensationalize about my personal life. It's been pretty gnarly.  I was thinking about that. I was thinking about how they've drawn up this character, she's like emotionally unstable, and needy and clingy, but she gets all these boyfriends but they leave her.  She's devastated.  She goes to her evil lair and writes songs for emotional revenge. I was thinking about the juxtaposition of that and my actual personal life which involves just kind of me just sitting there with two cats watching Friends marathons. But I got to thinking about it and I thought, which one is more interesting to write about? I thought the character they've drawn up, although it may be fictional, it's actually sort of interesting. I thought of this line that went, 'I've got a long list of ex lovers/They'll tell you I'm insane/But I've got a blank space baby and I'll write your name.' "

The song has a lot of satirical elements to it, "I get drunk on jealousy", "You look like my next mistake", "I'm dying to see how this one ends", "Got a long list of ex-lovers, They'll tell you I'm insane, But I got a blank space, Baby, And I'll write your name.", "Be that girl for a month", and "boys only want love if it's torture".

Taylor's rooftop livestream secret session October 27, 2014, photo courtesy of iHeartRadio
But what makes the song extra special is how she uses this song to illustrate her thoughts about love, as many great writers do. (Jane Austen I'm looking at you.) In this song she sings about guys with "New money, suit and tie".  Some guys think the way to impress is by having nice things.  I went on a date once with a guy and he had a nice car and that was it.  He didn't know how to treat a lady, he didn't open doors and talked about himself the whole time.  I was not impressed and kept asking myself, am I really on a date? She addresses the fact that some guys only like the chase and once they have the girl it's over, with the lines, "Love's a game, want to play?" and "Boys only want love if it's torture".  She answers the media and those game loving boys with "So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames".  She doesn't want someone who isn't willing to commit. "I can read you like a magazine".  She can see through them and see exactly what they want. And she says she's not going to just take it, "I can make all the tables turn/Keep you second guessing like/Who is she/I get drunk on jealousy". Yes the media may spin it it to appear she is just jealous, but she is not going to take someone who is playing around, as no one should. She knows some guys just want a "girl for a month", like the latest thing, but she wants someone that is going to be around forever. She uses this song to let the media and potential suitors/ex suitors know exactly what she doesn't want in a relationship.  She doesn't want to leave people with "a nasty scar", or with the pain. She doesn't want to have the "worst [] yet to come", tell "pretty lies" and "get drunk on jealousy".  She is not "dying to see how this one ends", but she wants her relationship to be "forever" and not "go down in flames".

Dating is really all about wading through the muck (alot of muck) to find that diamond, to find that prince. It takes time and lots of lots and lots of dates.  It can last forever and it can be the best thing that ever happened in your life.  I hope Taylor you can "grab your passport" and someones hand and not just make things "good for a weekend", but good for "forever".

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Blank Space".

Click here to see the music video for "Blank Space".

Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Welcome to New York" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is meaning of the song "Welcome to New York" from her 1989 album.

New York City is my absolute favorite city. My dream since I was young was to live there for a year. Well what do you know? I was finally able to live there for a year. I absolutely loved it. I loved picking out a neighborhood to go to and enjoy everything it had to offer when I went in for the day. I have so many fond memories. My favorite street would have to be Bleeker St., Grom's, Joes pizza, Magnolia Bakery. Heaven.'s all food.  I was kind of sad when Taylor moved there, because I had just left.  I would have loved to "bump" into her in the city.  The odds of that happening are next to none, but one can dream?

Who is this song about?

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

It's about Taylor and her move to New York. The cool thing about this song and her move is that I actually saw her house, not just the outside.  I got to inside.  She is also such a kind hostess. When we walked in she greeted us in her entry way.  She had black and white photos of her friends and family on the wall.  Especially touching was a picture of her grandmother Marjorie Finlay, an opera singer.  She had bird cages that were stuffed with antiques and her awards.  She had a sitting room filled couches and pillows that had Polaroids all over the wall.  Her kitchen was amazing, she had a stove that had a flat grill on it.  My favorite room was probably the piano room where she had a Steinway and Sons piano, that I got to play and a guitar.  I can imagine a lot of good music coming from there.  Her decorations were simple, it wasn't cluttered, but very tasteful.  When we left she said goodbye to each one of us at the door.

On her Youtube channel Taylor explains the inspiration for the song "Welcome to New York", "I wanted to start the album with this song because New York has been an important landscape and location for the story of my life in the last couple of years, I dreamt about moving to New York. I obsessed over moving to New York and then I did it. The inspiration that I found in that city is kind of hard to describe and hard to compare to any other force of inspiration I've ever experienced in my life. It's like an electric city. I approached moving there with such wide-eyed optimism and sort of saw it as a place of endless potential and possibilities. You can kind of hear that reflected in this music and this first song especially."

New York City used to intimidate me too. So big and so many people. I love the lines, "Walking through a crowd/The village is aglow/Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats/Under coats".  You walk around and there are so many people, so many different stories, and everyone has life, everyone. Driving there is also as intimidating. The first time I drove there it was crazy, but after a few scary moments I got used to it. I'm glad she knew, "It's been waiting" for her.  I felt like it was waiting for me too. I loved it. I was able to do so many fun things there, the Macy's thanksgiving day parade, Broadway shows, eat lots of good food, stroll Central Park, and meet Taylor. I love New York city.

She wrote this song about her love for New York and within two weeks they asked her to be the ambassador for New York City. Only Taylor Swift. Even better she announced on the view that she is donating all proceeds of the sale of "Welcome to New York"  will go to New York public schools. When I heard that I got all ready eyed inside. It truly touched my heart. 

I'm glad Taylor is enjoying New York City so much. She's been able to take her "broken hearts/Put them in a drawer," and that the "lights never" blind her.  It is truly a magical city. I hope she has many happy memories there for years to come.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Welcome to New York".

Sunday, August 31, 2014

"Shake It Off" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of the first single from her new album 1989, "Shake It Off". This song is extra special for me because I was at the Yahoo live stream in New York City August 18th, 2014 when it was released.

Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift: "Shake It Off" single cover.

I don't know about you, but with all new Taylor songs it takes me a while to get used to them and then I love them. I love them the more I learn about why she wrote them and the meaning behind the song. It was so fun to dance with her to this song at the live stream, but I really didn't appreciate it until I heard why she wrote it and thought about it more. 

Who is this song about?

Taylor Swift dancing with a fan at the Yahoo livesteam August 18, 2014 in New York City to "Shake It Off".
Photo credit ABC News.

This song is about Taylor! During the last couple of years she has gotten a lot of flack for dating lots of guys, most notably Carrie Underwood at the 2012 CMA Awards when she and Brad Paisely joked about her split from Conor and Amy Poeler/Tina Fey at the Golden Globes when they joked she should stay away from Michael J Fox's son. There have also been numerous articles about her love life. Let me just tell you right now I went on just as many dates as Taylor or more, but I wasn't under the same amount of scrutiny and am glad for that. I don't know if I could have handled it the way she does. 

In her Good Morning America interview August 18, 2014 Taylor said, 

"The message in the song is a problem I think we all deal with and an issue we deal with on a daily basis. We don't like just in a celebrity takedown culture, we live in a takedown culture. People will find anything about you and twist it to where it's weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don't understand you; you have to have more fun than they do."

I think it's amazing that she is able to just "shake" off all the negativity and that she had this music in her mind telling her everything's going to be okay. 

In the rap portion of the song, she references Harry styles with is new girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, "My ex man brought his new girlfriend". He is the also the player that is referenced in the song. "Players going to play", and he certainly does that. I don't blame her for not staying with him.   

Taylor has really shown that she is just dancing it off and dancing to her own beat. At numerous award shows and concerts she is the liveliest one in the audience. Taylor I am so glad you are able to shake off all the players and haters and know that everything's going to be alright!

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Shake It Off".

Monday, September 23, 2013

"Sad Beautiful Tragic" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Sad Beautiful Tragic" from her Red album.

At first I thought this song might have been about Jake Gyllenhaal, the hint in the song was WHILE YOU WERE ON A TRAIN.  Over the last few weeks I've gained some more insight to this song, specifically from Taylor.

She didn't perform this song until September 8th, the last month of her Red USA tour.  And then she performed it the very last night of her Red tour.  The reason she didn't perform it before and performed it the last night is it is a song that is REALLY special to her.  She even tweeted about performing it live, and she doesn't normally do that.  If it was a song about Jake, she wouldn't have had so much reservation about performing it and she wouldn't have saved it til the last night of her tour when her fans were begging her to perform, "Tied Together With A Smile".

"What a sad, beautiful, tragic love affair..." Live in St. Paul, MN:
— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) September 9, 2013

Taylor said in her stories behind the red songs, "Sad Beautiful Tragic is a song that wrote while I was on tour. It was just reflecting on something that was lost, and you can't get it back."

What was lost?

Taylor and Austin Swift
Her parents love, her parents have separated and/or divorced.  I don't really know all the details, and don't need to know, but this song is about their love..

That's why it means so much to her, why she had hesitations about performing it, and why she performed it at her finale concert.

On September 8th in St. Paul Minnesota she said, "This is a song that I wrote about how just because something is over doesn't mean it wasn't incredibly beautiful.  Cause another lesson I've learned is that not all stories have a happy ending and you have to learn how to deal with that. This is a song about a story that didn't end so happily, but it was still supposed to happen.  This is called, Sad Beautiful Tragic."

She has had to learn how to deal with her parents not being together.

On September 21, 2013 Taylor said in her introduction to this song, "It's [Red] an album I'm really proud of and I'm so glad you welcomed it into your life. On the last night of the Red tour I kind of want to play a song from Red that I never really play, but it's a song that really means a lot to me because a lot of the time when you think about love you think about how it has to have a happy ending for it to count but this is a song that I wrote about a love that didn't have a happy ending, but it was still worth writing about, and it's worth singing about. This is called Sad Beautiful Tragic."

Like Taylor said, her parents marriage was supposed to happen.  Taylor and Austin would not have been born, and Taylor still loves both her parents.  This song means alot to me too.  My parents are divorced and things were not always amicable between them, but I love them both dearly.  My dad passed away and there is a giant hole in my heart.  I don't regret that they got together, but rather celebrate it like Taylor does. I am both of them, both of them are part of me.

"distance, timIng, breakdowN, fighting
silence, the train runs off its tracks
kiss me, try to fix it
could you just try to listen?
hang up, give up and for the life of us
we can't get back..."

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Sad Beautiful Tragic."

Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting, silence.  They were the driving factors in her parents split.  They couldn't make up.  But in spite of that they had "a beautiful magic love". You can't always get happily ever after back, but the journey of love and what it brings is worth it.

Austin, Scott, Andrea and Taylor

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Stay Stay Stay" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "Stay Stay Stay" from her "Red" album.

Who is this song about?

It's not about a specific person, from her liner notes Taylor was "DAYDREAMING ABOUT REAL LOVE."

Taylor says in her stories behind the songs interview, "The song 'Stay Stay Stay' is a song that I wrote based on what I've seen of real relationships, where it's not perfect, there are moments where you're just so sick of that person, you get into a stupid fight. It's still worth it to stay in it. There's something about it that you can't live without. In the bridge it says, 'I'd like to hang out with you for my whole life' and I think that's what probably the key to finding the one, you just want to hang out with them forever."

In the song she gets mad at her boyfriend, throws her "phone against the room" at him, but even with all this anger he decides to stay.  He stays and keeps doing the things that she likes about him, "carry my groceries", taking "the time to memorize me" and she just likes "hanging out" with him.

I really hope that Taylor finds this true love.  I have found this love, and have been married to him for 7 years.  It is hard sometimes and things don't always go as planned, but when you have something special, it is so worth it to "stay stay stay".

Click here for the lyrics to the song, "Stay Stay Stay".

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Never Grow Up" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "Never Grow Up" from her Speak Now album.

When I first heard this song I did not relate to it as well, but the more I hear it the more I understand.  It made me think of a little baby growing up and the mom not wanting the baby to grow up.  I think it is amazing Taylor has such great insight because she does not have kids, but she really sees how it is from the perspective of a parent.  

Who is this song about?

It is about Taylor! The secret hint is "MOVED OUT IN JULY".  She moved out from her parents house July 2010.

In the first verse she talks about a little baby, "Your little hand's wrapped around my finger".  The second verse, the child is 14, "You're in the car on the way to the movies/And you're mortified your mom's dropping you off/But don't make her drop you off around the block/Remember that she's getting older too".  She then starts talking about herself in the middle part of the song, "Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room/Memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home".  She mentions her little brother, "remember the words said/And all your little brother's favorite songs".  And then mentions herself, "I just realized everything I have is someday gonna be gone".  The next verse she is "in my new apartment/In a big city, they just dropped me off/It's so much colder that I thought it would be/So I tuck myself in and turn my night light on".  She realizes it is not like home, it is scary, "Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up/I could still be little/Oh I don't wanna grow up, wish I'd never grown up It could still be simple".  Then she brings the song away from herself again.  "Don't you ever grow up, it could stay this simple/Won't let nobody hurt you/Won't let no one break your heart."

Taylor said on her website, "'Never Grow Up' is a song about the fact that I don't quite know how I feel about growing up. It's tricky. Growing up happens without you knowing it. Growing up is such a crazy concept because a lot of times when you were younger you wish you were older. I look out into a crowd every night and I see a lot of girls that are my age and going through exactly the same things as I'm going through. Every once in a while I look down and I see a little girl who is seven or eight, and I wish I could tell her all of this. There she is becoming who she is going to be and forming her thoughts and dreams and opinions. I wrote this song for those little girls."

What is her home like? 

Taylor told Rolling stone, "It's going to be my fantasy world. The ceiling of my living room is painted like the night sky. There's a pond in the living room ... The pond is a moat around the fireplace and may possibly have koi fish in it. You step on a stepping stone in the pond in order to get on a spiral staircase, which takes you up to the human-sized bird cage observatory. They're delivering a human-size birdcage, which I'll put a brass telescope in."

Rolling Stone was invited into her apartment in 2012 and described it in an article on her. "There is a pond, complete with koi fish, in the middle of Swift's astonishing, many-colored Nashville condo. It sits beneath a wrought-metal spiral staircase leading to a human-size birdcage that faces floor-to-ceiling windows, with a view stretching to the green mountains beyond downtown. ('It's the most comfortable place in the world,' she says of the wooden cage, built from a sketch she made. 'It's just, like, pillows and comfiness.')

Under the previous owner, this was an ultramodern bachelor pad. Over 18 months of remodeling, Swift gave the condo a sex change and a heavy dose of well-funded OCD whimsy. The ceiling is arranged in multiple motifs – billowing curtains here, a painted indigo night sky there. In one corner, under hanging crystalline stars, sits a giant bunny made of moss. He's wearing a hat. 'It's a whole Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland structure here,' she says, welcoming me the next morning. 'It's what the inside of my brain looks like, essentially.' "

She told Jay Leno November 23, 2010 all about her new life, living on her own.

"I moved in the beginning of the summer. I've been working on this condo in Nasvhille about a year, doing construction. When I walked in, it was really trendy, and I eventually fell in love with it. But the inside of it was like a dude's bachelor ... and I was like, we need to change this and make it cozy and pretty and mismatched! So we ripped out everything [and] put in like barn, hardwood floors, old reclaimed brick ... And the kitchen! Oh my God, I love my kitchen! It's got mismatched colored cabinets and mismatched knobs on cabinets and mismatched chairs ... but it's very girly, and they're well-matched mismatched! There's lots of pillows everywhere."

"I love cooking. It's one of my favorite things to do. And now I have my own kitchen -- so now I can! And I make my bed everyday! [laughs] I didn't used to do that, back when I lived at home. My mom comes over now, and she'll walk in and be like, 'Wow ... so you do this now? You didn't do this before, but you do this now. Great.' [laughs]"

"Because that would be dude-like ... so I was contemplating not having any TVs in my place at all. I was like, do I really need a TV? And then at the end, I realized I did. But I put it in this contraption that I found online, where you can have it hidden, and then have it come up when you want to see it. Because it's a very antique kind of apartment, so I thought, I can't have a big TV mounted on the wall! It would ruin everything. So I had to hide it ...and you push a button, so it comes up! Sometimes when I'm alone, I'll push up, down ... up, down! [laughs] You can do that when you're alone-- and nobody's gonna judge you! [laughs]"

Here's a peek inside her house.

It is scary to grow up and move out on your own.  I was 18 when I moved out and my aunt dropped me off at school.  It was for college.  I wondered how I would fit in, how it would be.  It ended up being one of the best experiences of my life.  Taylor's been moved out for a while now and I think she is enjoying it, even if it does come with heartbreak and loneliness sometimes, that's part of growing up.

*On a side note, I have now been to one of her houses, in NYC.  It was a amazing and she was a perfect host. Taylor thanks for being so nice and opening your homes to fans!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

"A Place In This World" Song Meaning

Today is Taylor's 23rd birthday!  Happy Birthday Taylor!  In honor of her birthday the meaning of today's song is "A Place In This World" from her "Taylor Swift" album.

Who is this song about?

It's about Taylor and her desire to find a place in this world through her music.

"I was thirteen when I wrote the song "A Place In This World" and I was just kind of looking around at all these big buildings and all these important people and wondering how I was going to fit in."

In the beginning of the song Taylor is doubtful and unsure of what she wants, "I don't know what I want, so don't ask me/Cause I'm still trying to figure it out."  In the middle of the song she knows that "I'm just a girl, trying to find a place is/This world/And tomorrow's just a mystery, oh yeah."  By the end of the song she is more confident and expresses this thought "Maybe I'm just a girl on a mission/But I'm ready to fly" knowing she needs to find her place in this world.

What was her place in this world?  What did she want more than anything?

In "A Place In This World" documentary Taylor says, "My big dream is to look out into a crowd of thousands of people and have them singing the words to my songs.  That to me would just be everything I've ever hoped for. I want to make people feel things when they hear my music. I want to give a song to someone who is going through a breakup.  I want to give a song to someone who loves someone and can't tell them, a song for someone who has just fallen in love, and a song for people who are just living their lives." ("A Place In This World" documentary)

Taylor's dream started when she was ten Taylor says, "I think I first realized I wanted to be in country music and to be an artist when I was ten and I started dragging my parents to festivals and fairs and karaoke contests and I did that for about a year before I came to Nashville for the first time." ("A Place In This World" documentary)

Taylor tells CMT Insider in 2008 "I first visited Nashville after I watched this TV program about Faith Hill. It said that she went to Nashville and that's how she made it in country music. So ever since I saw that TV program when I was about 10, I was obsessively, obnoxiously bugging my parents every day -- 'We've got to go to Nashville. Can we go to Nashville? Can we go on a trip to Nashville like now? Or maybe spring break, can we go to Nashville?' Everything led to that. It was like, 'So how was your day at school today, Taylor?" 'Great. Can we go to Nashville?' I would bug them every day about it until finally we planned a trip to Nashville."

 "I was eleven and I had this demo CD of me singing Dixie Chicks and Leann Rimes songs and walked into ever major record label and was like, 'Hey I'm Taylor, I'm eleven, I want a record deal. Call me."

"I think that was the trip that made me realize that I really needed to be different so I went back home to Pennsylvania where I grew up and I started writing songs and I picked up a 12 string guitar and started to play.  That's when I started writing every single day after school.  I would go into town after school and write until nine pm, come home do my homework and that's what I did for about 2.5 years straight." ("A Place In This World" documentary)

Taylor tells CMT Insider in 2008 "After the trip that we initially took and met with people on Music Row, I went home and decided that I needed to learn a few more things before I went back. I learned guitar and I learned songwriting, and I never put it down. I would play guitar for four hours a day, and my mom would make me stop, and we'd have to tape up my fingers. So instead of playing at karaoke bars and things like that where I needed to drag my little karaoke machine everywhere, I would go with my guitar and I would plug it in at coffee houses, and I would bring my little amplifier and plug it in at Boy Scout meetings. I would plug it in at all these different places, little random places where you could play. I now had a portable instrument, and I could go accompany myself, and I could play anywhere I wanted to. That really expanded the places where I could play and my abilities. I played so much that I came a long way in a short period of time."

She still tried to make it in Nashville, and did not give up. "When I was about 12, we started going to Nashville and taking trips every two months or so, going to Nashville for a week trying to meet songwriters, trying to get my foot in the door at different places. Eventually, we scored this meeting with RCA Records when I was 13. I went into RCA, and I pulled out my guitar and I played them a bunch of songs, maybe 20 songs. The A&R people there said, "We want to sign you to a development deal." And that was when I was 13. A development deal is not a full-on record deal. It's not 'All right, we're going to make an album. Let's go.' It's 'We're going to sponsor and pay for your demos that you do over this next year, and we're going to see how you grow as an artist. And then in a year, we're going to decide whether we want you or whether we want to develop you for more time or whether we want to drop you.' It's a non-committal commitment, but I was elated. I was just, 'Oh, my gosh! This huge record label wants to sign me to a development deal! I'm so excited!' So we started coming to Nashville more and more and more, and eventually we just decided to move." (CMT Insider)

Taylor moved to Nashville when she was fourteen and started attending Hendersonville High her freshman year. And finally when she was fifteen everything started to pay off, she got a record label and was able to start sharing her music with the world.  When she was sixteen she released her first album, a major victory in Nashville, a city that didn't see many young artists.  Everything skyrocketed after that.

"In this last year everything I've ever worked for has started to pay off. This last year has been absolutely amazing.  It's like everything I've ever wanted, everything I've ever worked for all this time is just happening because getting a record deal means being able to do what I want to do.  This is my chance, this is my chance to bring my music out of my bedroom where I'm writing it. I think it's definitely very surreal right now because there are so many firsts." ("A Place In This World" documentary)

In her lyric hints, capital letters in the lyric booklet Taylor says "FOUND IT".  I'm SO glad you found your place in this world Taylor!  Thanks for your music and Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Fifteen" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Fifteen" from her "Fearless" album.

This is a very touching song, it talks about freshman year of high school, finding your first love and then they use you and don't love you back.  It makes me cry every time I listen to it.

Who is it about?

It's about Taylor and her best friend Abigail Anderson.

"I wrote this around the story line of my best friend from high school, Abigail. I started everything with the line 'Abigail gave everything she had to a boy who changed his mind' and wrote everything else from that point, almost backwards. I just decided I really wanted to tell that story about our first year of high school because I felt in my freshman year, I grew up more than any year in my life so far."
Taylor Swift and Abigail Anderson
Taylor and Abigail met when she moved to Tennessee and started attending Hendersonville High School. "You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail/And soon enough you're best friends/Laughing at the other girls who think they're so cool/We'll be out of here as soon as we can."

During the year they both dated older guys.  Taylor realized that she had bigger dreams, "When all you wanted was to be wanted/Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now/Back then I swore I was gonna marry him someday/But I realized some bigger dreams of mine." "But Abigail gave everything she had to a boy/Who changed his mind/'cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you/You're gonna believe them."

This song touches on a very important subject. Girls want to be loved when they are that age. But if a guy is telling you he loves you, but you need prove that you love him by doing things with him, he doesn't really love you. You don't know that when you are fifteen, you only feel the pressure from him and want to be loved so badly.  I had friends who gave things away when they were young because of this reason.  They found someone to love them, felt the pressure, gave in, and regretted it like Abigail.

Taylor and Abigail talk about the personal nature of the song and the hope that it will help other's who are fifteen and going through the same thing in the "On the Set Behind the Scenes 'Fifteen' ".

Taylor: "My song fifteen is about my freshman year in high school, things that I wish had been said to me in a song. I remember when I first played the song for Abigail I was really nervous because I didn't know if she would be okay with me telling her story like that. It's really a personal song especially from her angle."

Abigail "People always ask me, 'Does it bother you that your name is in a song that's so personal?' And it really doesn't just because of the way Taylor and I feel about it. If one girl can kind of learn from it or connect to a song like that, it's totally worth it."

Taylor: "Half of it is reminiscing what I went through, but half of it is really sort of cautionary to people going into their freshman year of high school and walking through the doors."

I hope that young girls will realize that they do not need to give everything to their boyfriends and will learn from Abigail's story.

Friday, November 16, 2012

"The Lucky One" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "The Lucky One" from her "Red" album.

Who is this song about?

"The Lucky One" cover art, courtesy of
It is about Taylor's fears and stories of people she has been inspired by. She doesn't explicitly say who is the main person in the song.  (*When I met Taylor I asked her how many people this song was about, she said three and there are three verses, Coincidence? I think not.)  I think it is about many people.  It could be about Joni Mitchell, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn etc.  Who do you think it is about specifically?

The subject of the song starts out being "The Lucky One", The camera flashes make it "look like a dream/You had it figured out since you were in school/So overnight, you look like a 60s queen/Another name goes up in lights/Like diamonds in the sky..."  But end up not being happy even though "they tell you that you're lucky but you're so confused/cause you don't feel pretty, you just feel used." She talks about how they have known when to disappear, to enjoy their life more.  Then she talks about how she has become "The Lucky One".

Click here for the lyrics to the song, "The Lucky One." 

Taylor says in her Paint the World Red website, "The 'Lucky One' is a song I wrote while I was in Australia.  It kind of talks about some of my fears through telling the story of other people that I was inspired by.  More than their stories being told, I'm pretty much singing about what I'm scared of in that song, ending up kind of caught up in this whole thing and lonely and feeling misunderstood and feeling like when people think you're lucky that you're really not.  It kind of expresses my greatest fear of having this not end up being fun anymore, having it end up being a scary place. Some people get there, some people end up there. It's a story song and its something I'm really proud of because it kind of goes to a place that I'm terrified of."

Being famous can be fun at first, but people have ended up in a scary place over time. Taylor says, "Everybody's got their way of dealing with it. And for me, sometimes it's surrounding myself with my friends and venting, sometimes it's staying up at the piano until four o'clock in the morning, sometimes it's watching TV and forgetting about all of it, sometimes it's calling my mother up and crying. Sometimes you have a really bad day."

Your life is constantly also analyzed.  Taylor said, "There's a lot of trade-offs. There's the microscope that's always on you. The camera flashes, the fear that something you say will be taken the wrong way and you'll let your fans down. There's the fear that you'll be walking down the street and your skirt will blow up and you'll be in the news for three months."

Right now it's worth it for her, right now. Taylor says,  "You're scared of a lot of things for a lot of the time, but the trade-off of being able to get on a big stage and sing your songs — it's worth it."  She hasn't ended up like the girls in the song and she knows when her time is up she is going to leave.

She is wise to know when to get out of it, when it's not fun anymore.  She has a very good head on her shoulders.

Taylor told Katie Couric on the Katie show October 26, 2012 "I just feel like there will be a time when I'll probably kind of step a bit backwards from it.  I think that it's important to really live in the moment while you're here, but I also think it's important to know when it's time to walk off stage."

I for one hope it is not anytime soon, but I'm glad that Taylor has a good head on her shoulders and can see that she needs to be happy to keep doing what she does and not get caught up in it.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Change" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Change" from her "Fearless" album.

I like this song because it has a pop type feel and is fun and makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to. What is this song about?

It is about the beginning of her music career.  At first she worked with RCA records, but they wanted her to wait until she was 18 to start recording songs herself. "Basically, there were three things that were going to happen. Either they were going to drop me, or shelve me – that's kind of like putting me in cold storage – or give me a record deal. Of course, the only one of those that you want is the record deal. But they announced they were going to shelve me, and "monitor my progress" until I was 18".  She left the label, one of the biggest in the business.

She then caught Scott Borchetta of Dreamworks eye and signed a deal with his record label Big Machine Records.  The only problem was, she was the only artist on board.

"I wrote this song about being on a small record label, being a 16-year-old girl, and having a lot of odds stacked up against all of us, having a bunch of big companies on Music Row that had a lot more room in their buildings and a lot more employees than our 12. A lot of people, if given those odds, would say that’s not going to work."

"When you're at a record label that has 12 employees, you have to work harder to get on major tours. You have to work harder to get presenter slots or performer slots on award shows. There was this moment where I sat there and was like, 'When are we going to get a fighting chance? We're the smallest record label in Nashville, but we want this really bad.' I wrote the beginning to this song, and I thought someday things are going to be different. I finished the song the night that I won the Horizon Award at the CMA Awards and looked over and saw the president of my tiny, little record label crying."

The other labels "They might be bigger/But we’re faster and never scared/You can walk away, say we don’t need this/Because these things will change."  Things did change and Taylor and Big Machine Records succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Later the song was used during the Olympics during the daily highlight broadcast.

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Change."

Click here for the official music video to the song, "Change".

Friday, October 12, 2012

"The Outside" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "The Outside" from her debut album "Taylor Swift."

What is this song about?

A young Taylor Swift
It is about herself in middle school.  She grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, Pennslyvania and started noticing she was different. Taylor says,  "All the girls at school were going to sleepovers and breaking into their parents’ liquor cabinets at the weekend, and all I wanted to do was go to festivals and sing karaoke music. All of a sudden there were all these little cliques. There’s cool girls and they have straight hair and you don’t – things start dividing you up and I was really fascinated by that. I would go to school and not have anyone to talk to, but what I could look forward to was going home and writing something about it."

"For me, I was facing a lot of things at school where I found myself on the outside looking in. I was not included. I would go to school some days, a lot of days, and not know who I was going to talk to. And that's a really terrifying thing for somebody who's 12."

She didn't fit in, she was different and she writes about it in "The Outside".   She "tried to take the road less traveled by" but "nobody ever lets me in."

I think every girl can feel like this when they go through middle school.  I did.  There was that one year where nothing seemed to go right, I was on the outside of all the circles.  I would go to school and not have anyone to hang out with, and the people I did eat lunch with didn't really like me.  Luckily for me that all changed and the next year and every subsequent year was better after that. Now I'm a grown adult and can hardly remember the loneliness of that year.  Taylor I can really relate to this song!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Tim McGraw" Music Video

Here is the music video for "Tim McGraw" by Taylor Swift from her "Taylor Swift" album. It is Taylor's first music video!

Click here for the meaning of the song, "Tim McGraw".


Tim McGraw Lyrics (Taylor Swift Album)

Written by Swift/Rose

He said the way my blue eyes shined
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night
I said: "That's a lie."
Just a boy in a Chevy truck
That had a tendency of gettin' stuck
On backroads at night
And I was right there beside him all summer long
And then the time we woke up to find that summer gone

But when you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think my favorite song
The one we danced to all night long
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
When you think happiness
I hope you think that little black dress
Think of my head on your chest
And my old faded blue jeans
When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think of me

September saw a month of tears
And thankin' God that you weren't here
To see me like that
But in a box beneath my bed
Is a letter that you never read
From three summers back
It's hard not to find it all a little bitter sweet
And lookin' back on all of that, it's nice to believe

When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think my favorite song
The one we danced to all night long
The moon like a spotlight on the lake
When you think happiness
I hope you think that little black dress
Think of my head on your chest
And my old faded blue jeans
When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think of me

And I'm back for the first time since then
I'm standin' on your street
And there's a letter left on your doorstep
And the first thing that you'll read is:

When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think my favorite song
Someday you'll turn your radio on
I hope it takes you back to that place
When you think happiness
I hope you think that little black dress
Think of my head on your chest
And my old faded blue jeans
When you think Tim McGraw
I hope you think of me

Oh, think of me

He said the way my blue eyes shine
Put those Georgia stars to shame that night
I said: "That's a lie"
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