Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Back to December" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song, the meaning of  "Back to December", released in her "Speak Now" album.

This song was a turning point for Taylor Swift as it was an apology rather than a song about an ex boyfriend. It was a song about how she was wrong. I like to compare this song to "Dear John". Taylor Swift admits that she was in the wrong and acted like some of the people that she writes songs about, "You gave me roses and I left them there to die".

Taylor says, “’Back to December’ is a song that addresses a first for me, in that I’ve never apologized to someone in a song before. This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him. So this is a song full of words that I would say to him.”

Who was this song about?

In the lyric booklet the word TAY is in caps. It is about Taylor Lautner.  They met when they filmed Valentine's Day in October 2009. They broke up right before New Year's, hence the "Back to December" time frame. Taylor Lautner's birthday is February 11, 1992, which would have been after they dated, "When your birthday passed and I didn't call." Did they get back together?

Click here for the lyrics, "Back To December"

No they didn't. She performed the song November 21 at the AMA's and at the end of the song she integrated the song "Apologize" by One Republic and changed the words "It's too late to apologize" to "And then he said it was too late to apologize." Too bad Taylor. Interestingly enough "Apologize is a song that Taylor Lautner had lip synced to for a class project. You can see both Taylor's performances below.

Taylor Lautner's lip sync.

Click here for the official music video for the song, "Back To December".

(In the video the lead male is wearing a jacket that is similar to a jacket that Taylor Lautner wore while they were dating.)


  1. They really need to try again. John played them both and they were so young. While Taylor L. got hurt, Swift I think suffered the most in that situation. The Taylors were so young at the time. How could a 17 year old compete with that Lothario. I really believe that is why Taylor has been so unlucky with her subsequent relationships, they have unfinished business.
    I hope he changes his mind, he would be a great Flynn Rider to her Rapunzel. She needs to know what its like to be able to count on someone to stay the course. He was so cute when he stood up for her on SNL. I read that she said their kiss was life changing (Valentine's Day) and that it will always be Taylor that she has a crush on (LHJ). Now would be a good time for him to stand up for her again. Call me romantic but I believe in fairytales been married to mine 20 years, 2 kids a dog and a dream. These two speak that with their eyes in photos. Saying a pray for true love to prevail.

  2. I really hope that they'd come back together.. I know that years had passed but nothing's impossible if you believe, right? Taylor Squared <3


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