Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Ours" music video

I especially love this music video because I can totally relate to it.   In the video the main character is going to work and works in a cubicle. She is constantly bored throughout the day and thinking about her boyfriend the whole time. She has a sticky note from her boyfriend with "I love you" on it. I totally worked in a cubicle and was bored all day and got sticky notes from hubby. I can also relate to the broken printer, annoying coworkers, the water cooler, and eating lunch alone. How does she know what it's like, she's never worked in a cubicle? It's amazing how she can just relate to ordinary people. At the end of the video we find out he is a service member and my husband is a service member! I showed this video to my husband when I saw it and he loved it too.

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