Friday, October 26, 2012

"Everything Has Changed" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is "Everything Has Changed" from her "Red" album.

This is one of my other favorite songs on the album.  She collaborated with Ed Sheeran in the writing and on the track.  I love their voices together.  The song reminds of all the times when you first meet someone and you start to like them.  You get butterflies in your stomach and feel so elated and just want to get to know them better.

Taylor and Ed.
This picture was created by a reader of this blog :)  Talent! Please check out his Tumblr page by clicking the following link.
"I converted a photo of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift into an Impressionist painting based on VanGogh’s Starry Starry Night."

In Stories Behind the Red Songs, Taylor says, " 'Everything Has Changed' is a song that I wrote with Ed Sheeran and he is such a talented person in so many ways. He is such an incredibly talented guitar player, and singer and songwriter and performer.  Writing this song with him was so much fun. We were sitting in my backyard writing this song and he started singing harmony on it and I asked him if he would record it with me as a duet. Because it's about this moment that both people are having when they see each other and all of the sudden the world looks different because everything's changed."

Who is this song about?

Can you spot Taylor?
The hint in the lyric booklet is HYANNIS PORT. Do you know what famous family has a vacation spot in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts? The Kennedy's! Taylor Swift spent the 4th of July weekend with the Kennedy's in Hyannis Port.

Who was there that weekend?  Conor Kennedy! who may or may not be Taylor's current boyfriend.  I am not going to speculate.  It is about when she first met him that weekend.

 "All I know since yesterday/Is everything has changed/And all I’ve seen since 18 hours ago/Is green eyes and freckles/And your smile in the back of my mind making me feel like/I just want to know you better, know you better, know you better now."

Taylor likes to say the eye color of guys in songs, and Conor has green eyes and freckles.

Taylor is elated, and "All I know is pouring rain."  She dreams of getting swept off her feet in the pouring rain and many songs reference rain.  I'm glad she shared this special moment!

Click here for lyrics to the song, "Everything Has Changed."

Click here to see the music video for "Everything Has Changed".

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  1. I love the meaning of the lyrics and the melody is bittersweet and in some ways, sad. I am at the moment writing a historical-romance story and this describes the entire relationship between my main characters - including the transition between past and present.

    I would use this as a motif throughout the whole story.


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