Friday, November 9, 2012

"I Almost Do" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "I Almost Do" from her "Red" album.

In this song Taylor addresses a former flame, one that she wants to get back with, she "dreams you're touching my face."  He tries to get in touch with her, but every time he does "there's no reply".  She can't get back with him, she can't pick up the phone and "say hello to you and risk another goodbye." She has been hurt by this guy before and she doesn't want to get hurt by this guy again.

Taylor says in her Paint the World Red website secret clues, "The song 'I Almost Do' is a song I wrote about the conflict that you feel when you want to take someone back and you want to give it another try, but you know you can't. You can't because it's hurt you so deeply that you know that you couldn't bear to go through that again. So you're sitting there and wondering where they are and hope that they think about you  and that you're almost picking up the phone call, but you just can't. I think I needed to write this song in order to not call that person actually.  I think that writing the song was what I did instead of picking up the phone."

Who is this song about?

 It is about Jake Gyllenhaal!  This song is very similar to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".  That song is clearly about Jake.  In "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" she asserts herself and says they are not getting back together because she has finally stopped caring what she thought about him.  "I Almost Do" was probably written before "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", when she still cared what he thought, and she cared about him.  She references him being in the "city" after a "long hard week".  Jake has homes in LA and in New York City.

But in her mind she still hopes that "sometimes you wonder about me".  She still has a piece of her heart connected to him and hope that he does too.

Click here for the lyrics to the song, "I Almost Do."


  1. Idk, I think this song is about Adam Young.

    1. The majority of Red is about Jake, I doubt it's about Adam Young.


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