Thursday, June 6, 2013

"Everything Has Changed" Music Video Meaning

Taylor just released the video for her song, "Everything Has Changed".  This video features a little boy and girl, that resemble Taylor and Ed Sheeran.  They do a ton of stuff together and are best friends.  I won't surprise the ending, but this may be one of her first videos where she is hardly in it. It is cutest video ever! (I've decided to include my take on this video below the video, so I don't spoil it and you can read it after you watch.)

Click here for the meaning to the song, "Everything Has Changed".

The theme for this video is based on "The Notebook" a novel and movie by Nicholas Sparks.  The novel is about two kids that spend their summers together, fall in love, meet when they get older, overcome giant obstacles and fall in love for forever. In the novel there is not much description of what their childhood romance was like.  This music video gives a glimpse of what this young love could have been like.  It is not the same setting, the setting in the novel is a summer at the beach and the setting for the video is a day at school, but the concept of young love and soul mates is very apparent in this video, as it was in the book.

The music video features mini me's of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran innocently enjoying all the activities of youth.  I wonder if some of the activities they participate in were some of Ed and Taylor's when they were young.  Here is the chronology of events in the music video:
  • It starts out with Taylor's mini getting on the school bus, where she sees the mini Ed. 
  • They make cookies at school. Taylor's is nice and pretty and Ed's is a ... mess. 
  • They are in a school play where Taylor dubs Ed a knight, and then they are on a playground.  
  • They are in the band room. All the kids are wild, except mini Ed and Taylor. Mini Ed is playing the guitar with mini Taylor watching. 
  • They are in PE class, doing Yoga by themselves, while the rest of the class is playing soccer.  
  • They are in class watching movies. Mini Ed and Taylor sneak off to look a snake, build forts, hang out in the library, sew (Taylor), draw (Ed), wander the halls, color on themselves with markers, read (Ed) the Notebook outside (gotta include the reference), play with an origami bird made of leaves (Ed). 
  • Taylor uses a lego device to give Ed a fake tattoo.
  • Taylor dances while Ed draws.  
  • In separate locations, they share Ipod art with one another. 
  • The climax of the video is a dance in the middle of the gym between mini Ed and Taylor. 
  • At the end of the video they meet their parents or siblings, big Ed and Taylor dressed much like their min me's.  Taylor is wearing a white dress, her mini me is wearing one too and Ed is wearing a black shirt and jeans, just like his mini me.  The real Taylor and Ed share a glance and a smile, then go their separate ways. 
This video really shows and portrays the innocence of young love, before everything becomes so complicated. Who knows what these two have in store for them and if they will find their true soul mates as easily as they did in childhood. I hope they do!

PS. For those of you who want to get the backpack Taylor's mini me is carrying.

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