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"Wildest Dreams" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Wildest Dreams" from her 1989 album.

Wildest Dreams is right in line with the rest of Taylor Swift's 1989 album.  This album for me is about a girl who has been under intense scrutiny from the media for years.  She has seen many relationships come and go and made even worse by the media.  Taylor says in her stories behind in the songs in October 2014, "Wildest Dreams is kind of a good example of the way that my outlook on love has changed. Over the years I think as you get more experience under your belt, as you become disappointed a few times, you start to kind of think of things in more realistic terms. It's not like you meet someone and that's it.  If they like you and you like them well it's going to be forever of course. I don't really look at love like that anymore. The way I see love is kind of a little more fatalistic which means to me that when I meet someone and we have a connection, the first thought I really have is when this is over I hope you think well of me."

Source: Taylor Swift Instagram
She told Rolling Stone in September 2014, "I think the way I used to approach relationships was very idealistic. I used to go into them thinking, 'Maybe this is the one — we'll get married and have a family, this could be forever.' Whereas now I go in thinking, 'How long do we have on the clock — before something comes along and puts a wrench in it, or your publicist calls and says this isn't a good idea?'"

Who is this song about?

This song is about Harry Styles.  Continuing from the quote above "So this song is about having that immediate connection with someone and these were my vivid thoughts right as I met him." Interestingly enough he wrote a song in rebuttal to this album, "Perfect".  Click here for the analysis of this song. 

She had this immediate connection with Harry Styles, but unfortunately she knew it wasn't going to last because of all the tabloid exploitation.  They jetsetted around the world, but living on two different continents, going on tours, promoting albums makes it very hard to be together.  Whenever they were together they were photographed like crazy, they could never really be alone and develop that relationship. They were naive and thought they needed to be in these exotic places to develop their relationship, when in reality they just needed to find a quiet place to be together. I feel very bad for Taylor for what goes on with her relationships.  When you are a celebrity like she is it is very hard to start a relationship, every time she is even in a picture with someone else it sparks the rumor mill.  Obviously she must be really into every guy she has a 5 minute chat with.  As I've said before, I'm so glad my life was not like that, it's hard enough to date as is, without that wrench thrown in the mix.

In the song she talks about things they did together, how "his voice is a familiar sound". He's "tall" and "handsome" and "this is getting good know". But in her head she knows, "Nothing lasts forever", she "can see the end as it begins".  Then the whole point of the song comes up "My one condition is...Say you'll remember me...Even it it's just in your Wildest Dreams".  Then "say you'll see me agian/If it's just pretend".  She wants the memories of her to "follow you around" and remember her "standing in a nice dress/staring at the sunset". She is acknowledging with her life it is hard to have romance, but she is going to enjoy it while it's around.

Fortunately Taylor's outlook on love has changed, which I am so glad for.  When 1989 came out it reminded me how I found the one. I was super jaded from dating so many guys and watching them find their own one, with me being left on the sidelines. I did not want to date at all.  Taylor was so this way. Numerous times she said she did not know what love was like and was happy being alone, that to break her from her happy singleness she would have to meet an amazing guy.  I loved the music from 1989, but I did not like Taylor's outlook.  I felt really bad for her.  I am so glad she found Calvin Harris, aka Adam Wiles.  They have spent so much time together and become so close.  They have both learned that they need to keep their relationship out of the public eye as much as possible in order to develop their relationship.  Relationships are fragile and need to be nurtured. Another positive thing they have been doing is controlling what they release.  They release the pictures, they release the quotes, via their twitter or interviews.  One of my favorite pictures they released together is this swan picture.  They have having such a good time and I hope it lasts forever!

Source: Taylor Swift Instagram


  1. Hi... omg i love you so much... your blog is so good... i have a question.. whre do you get her stories behind the song of 1989... because i dont find them anywhere.. pliss help me... soory for my english, i´m learning.. kisses from venezuela :)

    1. Here you go

    2. I don't think that Wildest Dreams is about Harry Styles - simply because that Harry is around Taylor's height, so she wouldn't be struck with his height first thing. My guess is that it is inspired by Conner Kennedy, or just used her thoughts on love to create the song.

  2. I don't think this song is actually inspired by Harry Styles. To me it sounds like it's actually about Zac Efron. Taylor has written songs about crushes, and all of that in the past. She mixes Enchanted with it too, when she performs it live.

    Wildest Dreams is about an affair... Not married, but taken man (none of her exes, or guys are married, so let's assumed, taken)

    He says "let's get out of this town" meaning... So they can be alone and away from everyone else.

    Another point of the song is when she says "No one has to know what we do. His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room". Saying how they are keeping this a secret.

    "He's so tall and handsome as hell. He's so bad but he does it so well", clearly meaning how handsome he is, but he is so bad for doing what they're doing. He is hard to say no to.

    In the music video toward the end, you can see that the man with his wife (they zoom in on her hand with a wedding ring on it). Taylor in the song then says "nothing lasts forever", which clearly the affair could not last forever.

    It has to be about Zac for the many few reasons.. This mystery man is an actor. He's masculine and assertive. Zac instantly pops up with that definition.

    It has to be about Zac.

    1. It doesn't make that much sense, honestly. "Let's go out of this town," just as she mentioned it above, they were always traveling to exotic places. "No one has to know what we do," the public was so hard on this relationship; One Direction fans gave hell to this relationship. Now this following point is based basically on speculation, but you see Taylor had never written or insinuated about having any sexual relationship with any guy before All Too Well, reason why there is a lot of rumors saying Jake GyllenHaal took her virginity. Zac is way way in the past by this time. "He's so bad but he does it so well." Harry Styles had a reputation of a manwhore... Besides, Zac is short and if you google Harry Styles height a picture of him besides Taylor Swift appears to compare their heights...Taylor is tall so say to find someone she can describe as "so tall" it can't be someone that is shorter than her...

    2. This wasn't written about Harry. Harry doesn't have a rep of "being a man whore." The guy has only dated a few girls, and has been seen with nobody's just like the One Direction boys. Not only that. Harry isn't a bad boy. The guy gets startled at the smallest things. If you think he's a "bad boy" why was Zayn the only one who had balls enough to leave the band?

      Also Harry is 5'9 he is no where near 5'11 - read the celebrityheights website. Louis has said, Harry buys shoes a size or two bigger. He's aware of his height, and seems like he has insecurity with it. There is no way, a guy is gonna go 5'9 to 5'11 in a matter of months. He also wears 2" plus heels. The photos with Taylor they're wearing the same shoes (heels), he's not "taller" than her. He's the same height. Taylor is about 5'8 - 5'9. Not only that, Harry puts lifts in his shoes. (Making him taller) and has his legs very close together in photos, he hasn't worn flat shoes in ages, his height is always changing. David Beckham is 5'11 and he's taller than Harry by far. (You can see the noticeable difference.)

      Taylor has stated, this had all happened (before) a relationship. She dated Harry. So how is this about Harry? Every song about Harry, has a hint. (Paper Airplanes, Fox Sweaters) list goes on. There not even hints, she openly references their relationship every, single, time... But not with "Wildest Dreams."

      The public was hard on their relationship, yes because of all the jealous 1D fans. They even refuse to believe "Perfect" is about her. But, she already has a song about their relationship being judged.. And that song is called "I know Places" and "Wonderland" - and both of this songs have clear references of Harry, like the others. Again. Not about Harry.

      Also, Zac & Taylor were around each other, from basically 2010 to 2012 (March) she started dating Harry months down the road in 2012. So, how is that apparently to late? She wrote this song 2 years ago. Or 3.

      Taylor writes about a lot of people. Even if she hasn't dated them, she wrote "Enchanted" when she met Adam. She has written about crushes in the past.

      Taylor and Zac blushed and giggled over each other, the guy really did like her. And whenever someone brings her up to him, he blushes. Also. Everything you see in "Wildest Dreams" happened.. at the Lomax priemere. Like the scene where Scott stares at Taylor for a minute. During the lorax carpet moment, Taylor was just a ft or so away from Zac, and he looks up at Taylor, eyes her slightly, and has the same facial expression as Scott. Zac ignores the reporter, while staring at Taylor with a straight aggressive face.

      Also, Taylor stated something about not talking to a person after having a connection and all of that. Her and Zac hadn't talked in a while.

      I didn't believe the Zac efron stuff but looking at it now, I see it. Or I see the song being about nobody. It's not about Harry though.

      Zac was 5'8 years back. 2016. He is at least now 5'9 you can see that when he stands next to Seth Rogen. He lists himself between 5'9 and 5'10 now.

      Also when Taylor wasn't wearing her usual like what 4" heels, she was the same height as Zac. He's an inch taller now.

      John Mayer also took her vir. So which one is it John or Jake?

      Again. The song isn't about Jake. During the Lorax priemere, there are videos where Taylor is walking behind Zac and she's stares at him from the corner of her eyes. During Wildest Dreams, she also searched the guys face for emotion.

    3. Harry does not have a reputation of being a man whore, where did you get that from, aha! You should look on YouTube, when people bring up he's the 'woman charmer' of the band, he gets really sick of it, rolls his eyes, and or uncomfortable and irritated.

      Zac isn't short either... Where are you getting this from, I met Zac recently last year, he was 5'9 because I'm 5'9 he was the same height as me, he packs on a lot of muscle, 5'9 may not be 5'10 and 5'11 which really makes a different, but, due to him packing on a lot of muscle at 5'9 it gives off the allusion that he is shorter than what he really is. When he was lanky in his teens he looked 5'10 and or 5'11.

      Also, Zac for sure, is a gentlemen, one of Hollywood's most humble males, he reminds me of a young Leonardo Di Caprio, charming.. Funny.. Sweet, handsome, a gentle men... Yet, at the same time, one who sleeps with all the girls, yet, a bad boy and isn't afraid to do what he desires.

      Zac is friends with Ryan Rottman, and a couple of other people... Rottman may not be a huge star, but, he does have a bad reputation, and when he's with Zac, they both do a lot bad things together. Zac is also very adventurous, he'll do any dare someone asks him to do, you could tell him to jump off the cliff and grab a rock and pull himself up, he'll most definitely do it, he rode a shark for goodness sakes.

      Anyways, I never assumed WD is about anyone, but looking into what the above posters said a long time ago.. Everything that happened in the WD music video, from clothes, and facial expressions, emotions, and all of that.. All happened on the Lorax carpet...

      Too much irony to not be about Zac....

      But who knows?

  3. Hi. I love your blog. It really helps other Swifties to understand the songs of Taylor ☺ glad you met Taylor and I'm hoping that one day, I'll meet her too


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