Thursday, April 25, 2019

"ME!" Song Meaning

Today is the meaning of the Taylor Swift song "ME!" released on April 26, 2019 from an unknown album.
This 7th new era of songs for Taylor comes on the end of her snake phase, THANK GOODNESS. At the beginning of the song there is a snake but it gets turned into beautiful butterflies. This new phase for Taylor is definitely going to be different, brighter and happy.

She sings this song with Brendon Urie from Panic At the Disco on the music video, but it is not about him. What is this song about? 
It’s about her relationship with Joe Alywn. In the song we learn they fight in the rain, Taylor goes “psycho” on the phone and all the ladies would want Joe. But Taylor has him even with all her weird quirks. Isn’t that true for most relationships? One person is always the quirky one and that is definitely me. :)

The songs deeper level highlights that two people are not necessarily soulmates, "you're the kind of guy the ladies want", and acknowledges problems in a relationship, "psycho on the phone, I never leave well enough alone, and I tend to make it about me." But in the end that does not matter as much as how much they love one another for being themselves. "You're the only one of you/I'm the only one of me" and "I promise that nobody's gonna love you like me." It is important in relationships to accept each others faults and love them for who they are. Because there’s no awesome without me. Everybody is special for their own reasons. And they need to work together there's no "I in team". They will love each other like no one else ever will.

I love this song for Taylor. I’m so glad she has found Joe and they make one another happy. I CAN NOT wait for the rest of the album! It sounds like it will be so happy! How about you? Are you excited?

Check out 10 Things we learn from her new music video.

(By the way I think Joe gave her another cat and might have proposed...)
Click here for lyrics to the song.

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