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"Come Back, Be Here" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Come Back, Be Here" from her deluxe Target Red album.

Taylor tells Yahoo Music "There's a song I wrote with Dan Wilson called 'Come Back... Be Here,' which I wrote about falling for someone and then they have to go away for work.  They're traveling, you're traveling, and you're thinking about them, but you're wondering how it's gonna work when there's so much distance between you."

Who is it about?  Who lives far away from Taylor?

Walgreen's Meet and Greet

I thought about this long and hard. I thought it could be Jake Gyllenhaal because they had to travel during their romance and he was in London while they were dating, but I don't think he had to travel very soon in their relationship and Taylor lived in New York at the time.  Why would she say "You're in New York today" twice in the song?

This song is about Eddie Redmayne!  

Eddie Redmayne
Taylor met him when she was being considered for a role in Les Miserables in October 2011.  (BTW, I am very sad that she is not in that movie.  It is one of my favorite musicals, I know all the words and I am so excited for the movie production and I thought Taylor would have been perfect for the role of Eponine.  But either she turned it down because of her album, or they chose someone else.  I have a feeling she turned it down because of the album) But she had to say goodbye after they met.  "You said it in a simple way 4am, the second day/How strange that I don’t know you at all/I stumble through the long goodbye/One last kiss then you catch your flight/Right when I was just about to fall." She had to say goodbye to him just as she was falling for him.  Eddie also lives in London, "I guess you are in London today". It also mentions him being in New York and her being in New York with "taxi cabs and busy streets".  They were both traveling during this time.  She was finishing her Speak Now tour and he was promoting "My Week With Marilyn". Eddie was in New York for the premiere of "My Week With Marilyn" and Taylor was in New York Madison Square Gardens for her tour, but not at the same time.

There was just no time for them to get to know one another.  Too bad they were never in the same city and given a chance to date.

Click here for the lyrics to the song, "Come Back, Be Here".


  1. For the next song... Can you do, Girl At Home?

    Hope you can!!

    1. You must have read my mind. That was the next one I was going to do.

  2. It's about Harry Styles. Okkk? They dated briefly in April 2012. One Direction even has a song that's like answering this song - "Baby, you don’t have to worry. I’ll be coming back for you"

    1. The One Direction song that is a possible response to Taylor's "Come Back Be Here" is "Back For You" and video with lyrics is here:

      That song was released on their second album Nov 2012.

      All of this has great timing with Taylor's Red release, and of course you have to wonder if the whole thing is publicity.

  3. It seems much more likely that this song is about Harry Styles. Taylor danced at the One Direction performance at the 2012 Kids Choice awards on 3/31/2012. That's supposedly where she met Styles (maybe he had been pursuing her by email before that though).

    You could easily imagine that in the short few weeks of this "romance" that when he left back for London that Taylor would write this song.

    They then broke up in April 2012 when Styles was caught kissing Emma Ostily in New Zealand.

    If you believe this timeline, then Taylor's "Treacherous" would be about Styles when he pursued her before meeting her. "Come Back Be Here" would be about missing him when he first met her and then left back for London in early April. "I Knew You Were Trouble" would be after their breakup in late April.

    I have to also comment that she manages to get three songs about one guy based on a "relationship" that spanned some emails prior to March 2012 and a real relationship that lasted about a month. I think you would have to call Taylor a creative genius to get so much poetry out of so little real relationship.

  4. I'm pretty sure it's about Jake. Almost every song on the album is as she wouldn't have much time to write anything about Harry even if they were dating that spring (just trust me, NOTHING on the album is about him ok?) and I doubt the rumors about her and Eddie were even true. Also, he did travel for work during their relationship to those exact places and not only that but her deluxe songs are usually older than the regular album songs and she wrote it with Dan Wilson who she also wrote Treacherous about. Treacherous has been proven to be about Jake (because of a line in it that comes directly from a song by one of his favorite bands which also explains the secret message and the song is referenced again in All too well which is also very obviously about him) which means that I knew you were trouble is also about Jake since she said she wrote them about the same person. She got the idea 6 months before she wrote with Martin and Shellback anyway and it was written by August so she couldn't have written it about dating Harry in March or April and why would she go back to someone who was trouble anyway after it already didn't work out once? Didn't she learn anything from her on and off relationship with Jake? (which she also wrote about with Martin and Shellback and she actually recorded both I knew you were trouble and We are never ever getting back together on the same day so that's another clue it's about Jake) I mean, come on. This was the Jake album. If it had been about John it would've been on Speak now because that was his and Joe's album and if it were about Harry then it would be on her next album. That only leaves Jake, who was trouble breaking up with her and then trying to get back together with her. She must've thought so anyway since she wrote 10+ songs about it.

  5. Who else was more trouble aside from John?

  6. I like your comments but this song is about Jake. The whole album is about Jake except for "I knew you were trouble" that is about Harry. Jake and her were in London for less than two days together when they began dating. He was promoting "Sex and other Drugs" and she was going to sing. That's when he flew her there in a private jet. She had to stay in London and he went to NY. It was a time when she was in NY when he was in London. Then they briefly met in London (not two full days) and then she was in NY and she was in London. After that she went back to NY. This is about a relation that happened and she is looking back at when it began because she says: "If I would have known then what I know now I would have not been so nonchalant" To me that means that when she is writing they are already together and she is remembering when she realized that she had fallen in love for him as he left when they were beginning and it hurt that was the moment she realized she was in love. I love the song, been there done that. I think I know exactly how she felt but then again that is why she sales millions of albums.

    1. Song can't be about Jake. It was written during Spring Break of 2012. She dated Jake from 2010 - 2011, and they broke up in 2011. Taylor is talking about a guy she had just met, they barely knew each other, despite being "friends" - She dated Jake. So this isn't about him, again, Taylor said it was about a guy she had "met" - also, the songs about Jake were about heartbreak, "Come back be here" was poor timing, and Taylor realizing she fell in-love with someone she wasn't in-love with / barely knew.

      Jake was in London for "Sex and other Drugs" .. Taylor was in the U.S.. at the time, he was already in London. The song states, the guy left for NYC, then later on, was in London. The timelines don't match, so again, not about Jake.

      Not only that. Jake hurt her, "Moment I Knew" was about Jake, where he basically hit it & quit it and never showed up at Taylor's birthday.

      The song is about Zac, as Taylor spent lots of time with him because 'The Lorax' despite them barely seeing each other (during the recording process, of course) - Zac's NYE wish was to learn how to play the guitar, Ellen had stated; "Y'all spending late nights together!" - Taylor and Zac had spent late nights together, as Taylor was teaching Zac to play guitar. They also kept going on lunch dates (once by themselves, and another time with Justin Bieber) to "catch up" and were very giggly. Taylor barely knew Zac, despite meeting him and 'being friends' they never KNEW each other that well, which is strange for Taylor.

      Also, during the Lorax premiere, Zac kissed Taylor on the neck, not the cheek, it was the neck - Zac never kisses his co-stars on the cheek / neck, especially during a greeting, and he is American, so it's not a culture thing for him. Taylor's lyrics state; "One last kiss" - assuming, if they were doing interviews & all of that and were having lunch dates, and when she was teaching her guitar, I'm assuming Zac kept kissing her on the cheek / neck during greetings & goodbye.. Which he never does to co-stars but I believe he was crushing on Taylor.

      Taylor knew Jake, ya gotta know your OWN boyfriend.

      "This is falling in-love in the cruelest way." - She's basically stating, it's too late now, he's gone, she's gone, the relationship would be long-distant and Taylor wouldn't know how'd it work out because Zac has his movies he's promoting and Taylor has her stuff they were both travelling, lastly, cruel, because, Taylor played non-nonchalant the whole time, lol she even called him 'cute' on Ellen by accident, clearly she was falling for Zac, and was majorly blushing over him the entire time during the interview. Again... Cruel because, she realized she's falling in-love, and now he's gone, their apart, worlds away.. And that's horrible, because IF you're in-love with someone and their worlds away, you don't get to see them anymore or any of that, I think that's one of the hardest things.

  7. Hi, great blog! I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes decoding Taylor's songs! ;)
    Just thought I'd share something with you, Eddie has shut down rumours that he and Tay ever dated, so I'm thinking another early stages Harry song?
    Article below talks about Eddie denying claims:

  8. This song is about Harry obvi

  9. This song is about Harry obvi

  10. This song is about Harry Styles.

    1) In one interview, Taylor described the song as 'It's a song I wrote about this guy I met, you know, when you meet someone, and then they just kinda happen to go away and it's like... long distance all of a sudden and you're like "But but but.. [whispering]..but.. Come Back! Be Here!" This immediately rules out Jake, since Taylor seems to be talking about someone she met recently, which matches her 2-week fling with Harry where he had to go back to London.

    2) This song was added into the deluxe edition of Red, where it most likely was written in the spring/summer of 2012. She already met Harry in April, it's completely possible to have a song about him in the album because she managed to write a song about a later boyfriend, Connor Kennedy (who she only dated in June) in Red.

    3) Harry very blatantly quoted a lyric of this song in his song for Taylor, 'I Love You', written in early 2014 -- the lines "I didn't come back, and I wasn't here" is in relation to Taylor's "Come Back, Be Here". Harry wrote this song with Alex & Sierra, and even introduced them to Taylor. And according to Perez Hilton, Taylor has heard the song and liked it, therefore it's likely she's aware of his little shoutbacks to her songs (that were about him).

    4) Another interview supporting the possibility of Taylor writing about her 2-week fling with Harry: "I’ve had relationships with people that were really substantial and meant a lot to me, but I couldn’t write a song about that person for some reason. Then again, you’ll meet someone that comes into your life for two weeks and you write an entire record about them." - NPR magazine, 2012.

  11. The song "Come Back.. Be here" is about Zac Efron. Sounds ridiculous; but it adds up. Why do I say this? - Taylor Wrote; "Come Back.. Be Here" during Spring Break, so that was during the start of March, and or March 20th when she began writing the song; during this time, Taylor hadn't met Harry, that being said, she was already writing the song before she had ever MET Harry. Not only that, Harry and her met once at the KCA's, she didn't know Harry well, either, and during or later that night he had kiss someone else.

    Another reason the song isn't about Harry, but is about Zac, is that, the lyrics say; "I guess you're in New York today" - Harry Styles was NOT in New York during March 2012 - April 2012, nor was he in London during these months. Harry was actually on tour in Australia during all of this, so no. This song wasn't written about him, this was way before.

    Now this is where the secret part comes in, and why the song is about Zac. Taylor had known Zac for many years, as they met many times (At 17 Again Premiere and other award shows he had attended) but Taylor was never close to Zac.. She never KNEW him, despite meeting him.

    "It's a song I wrote about a guy I had met.. You know, when you meet someone, and they just kinda happen to go away and it's like.. long distance all the sudden, and you're like 'But, but.. But! Come back.. Be here'.." - Taylor Swift

    "I wrote about falling for someone and then they have to go away for work. They're traveling, you're traveling, and you're thinking about them, but you're wondering how it's gonna work when there's so much distance between you." - Taylor Swift.

    On March 1st, 2nd and 3rd to I believe the 7th, and maybe later, Zac left Taylor (who he was doing interviews with, and spending time with, along with going out for lunch) to go for work. He left Taylor to go promote their movie; "The Lorax" - he's an actor, so this is the type of stuff he does, Taylor, was travelling at the time as well, so she couldn't go with him to NYC to promote their movie. Then, during March to April, Zac left for London for more Lorax promotion + his other movie.

    Still not convinced? Taylor taught Zac to play the guitar, Ellen stated they spent late nights together learning so she could teach Zac and so they could play, Zac also stated it was his NYE wish, and Taylor said she could teach him - so these two were spending time together for a while, despite the constant travelling. They spent most of February together because of movie promotion. The last time Taylor saw Zac would've been the last days of February, then he had left for NYC which he arrived on March 1st. Interestingly, Zac was seen exiting his hotel in NYC on the phone.. The photos on Just Jared were published at 4 AM on March 2nd. They also kept having flirty lunch dates, and Zac seemed like he was very interested in Taylor and continuously kept gushing about her.

    The song isn't about Jake either, as they broke up in 2011, and most of Red was written before March 2012, this was literally when Red was done and Taylor wrote it in Spring Break, also, it's about a guy she had MET, not dated, and a guy she was friends with but BARELY knew.

    Not about Harry, and Jake, or the guy you listed. It's about Zac, and it's very heart-breaking.

    Taylor seemed like she was falling for Zac too, after spending time with him. Taylor has wrote songs about guys she hasn't dated before (Owl City lead singer for example)

    Also it couldn't be about Jake, the dates don't match either. He wasn't in New York in 2012 until November and he was hand-holding with another girl.

    Plus, the song is on Taylor's bonus album, and she's never performed it live, etc.
    The song is about Zac. It's very sad, because they both were clearly interested in each other.

  12. What are the lyric hint for this song? I couldnt find it:/


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