Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Our Song" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning of "Our Song" from her album "Taylor Swift".

This song is a really fun song about a couple who doesn't have a song.  In the song Taylor describes all the fun things they do together and in essence it becomes their song.  This song would be a fun upbeat wedding song.

Who is this song about?

"Our Song" music video
It is about her boyfriend her freshman year of high school named Drew.

In November 2012 Taylor Swift during her VH1 storytellers concert Taylor said "This is a song that was off of my first album, and my first album came out when I was sixteen so the songs that I wrote on that album were songs I wrote when I was fourteen and fifteen. This was a song that I wrote actually to sing at the high school talent show. I was a freshman and I was, they had this talent show and I'd just moved there and I really wanted to like play for my friends the first time and I'd never told them really that I did this and I loved this and I write songs.  I had been dating this guy who was so nice.  So I wanted to write this song about us and play it for him and his friends and for me and for like all my friends and it was the high school talent show.  So I wrote this song and I included all these details about our relationship like how when we were on the phone really late at night my mom would patrol outside my room. She for real would just be like pacing outside my room like in figure eights and I'd be under the covers saying 'I like you so much too, I can't get off, I don't want to get off the phone, I just like you so much.'  My mom would be like 'Taylor get off the phone, you have to sleep, it's four in the morning you have to sleep, this is ridiculous, you will see Drew tomorrow, this is ridiculous.'  I wrote a song about like all the details of our relationship like when we were riding in cars and shotgun and like all those things.  So I go and I play it at the talent show and my friends loved it and like his friends loved it and people clapped a lot for it.  I went to my record label and I said to the guy at the record label, 'I think we should really put this song on the record because my friends at high school love it.' He was like, 'Now you can't just make all your decisions about a very serious thing like an album based on if your high school friends like it or not.' It ended up being our first number one at country radio so I guess you can."

It is such a happy and upbeat song and is definitely a Taylor classic.

Click here for the lyrics to "Our Song". 

Click here to watch the music video for "Our Song".


  1. But, isn't the song Teardrops on my guitar about Drew? Her best friend which she liked but was in love with someone else. And, when Drew found out that that song was about him, he tried to get to Taylor but Taylor's moved on. I thought that they'd never dated...

    1. Yes "Teardrops On My Guitar" is about Drew Hardwick. "Our Song" is about a guy that she dated also named Drew. Here is the link for the quote where Taylor talks about dating this other Drew, http://www.vh1.com/video/misc/853558/our-song-vh1-storytellers.jhtml#id=1696734.

      Here is the link for "Teardrops On My Guitar" http://taylorswiftsongs2.blogspot.com/2012/09/todays-taylor-swift-song-is-teardrops.html where she sings about the other Drew. I also tell the story of how she did in fact met up with this other Drew later.

  2. Tim McGraw is also about him. She's said before that she wrote them both about the same person.


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