Sunday, October 26, 2014

1989 Album lyric note hints

Taylor Swift doesn't disappoint, the lyric hints, easter eggs, secret messages, whatever you call them are out for her 1989 album.  A fan asked if she was going to keep doing these during the livestream for 1989, and she said as long as her fans still like them.  The crowd there erupted and it was apparent we still love them.  The hidden messages for 1989 tell a mini story, I love them!  It seems like it's all about her relationship with Harry Styles :(  I wish it had worked out, but I am so glad that Taylor has found herself and everything is great for her.  She seems so happy.

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift
  1. Welcome To New York, We begin our story in New York.
  2. Blank SpaceThere once was a girl known by everyone and no one.
  3. Style, Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay
  4. Out of the Woods, They loved each other recklessly.
  5. All You Had To Do Was Stay, They paid the price.
  6. Shake It Off, She danced to forget him.
  7. I Wish You Would, He drove past her street each night.
  8. Bad Blood, She made friends and enemies.
  9. Wildest Dreams, He only saw her in his dreams.
  10. How You Get the Girl, Then one day he came back.
  11. This Love, Timing is a funny thing.
  12. I Know Places, And every one was watching.
  13. Clean, She lost him but she found herself and some how that was everything. 


  1. I know everyone is assuming the story is about Harry because he was her last boyfriend, but I doubt it. I think it's about Jake and her since 1. it says the story starts in New York (i.e. her and Jake). 2. She said Red was an album about how you feel after "a really bad breakup" and 1989 is after you brush yourself off and hey, you're okay. and 3. I don't think her relationship with Harry was anywhere near as meaningful to her as the one with Jake (hence All Too Well), and the story is clearly about a love that DID mean a lot to her. I could be WAY off, but if it was "because of Harry", I think she would've stuck to her messages instead of making it into a story.

  2. I like the hidden messages, the funny thing is everyone can interpret them a little bit different


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