Monday, September 10, 2018

"Babe" Song Meaning

Today's Taylor Swift song is the meaning behind the song "Babe" she co wrote with Patrick Monahan. She wrote the song in 2012-2013 with him, but did not release it with the release of her album at the time "Red". Instead she saved it in a vault and let Sugarland use it for their album Bigger in 2018. It is a great song, I wonder how many more great songs she has saved up in her vault.

Who is this song about? A lot of people think the song is about Jake Gyllenhaal, because she had dated him the most recent and a lot of songs on Red are about him. And because of some of the lines in the song that relate to songs about him, "the last time" and "kitchen floor". After looking at the song however I do not think so. The reason she broke up with Jake was very clearly outlined in "The Moment I Knew". She broke up with him because he did not come to her party. There are only a few guys that cheated on her, one being Sam and the other Joe Jonas. I think she wrote this even earlier and fine tuned it with Patrick Monahan. It had been sitting in her vault even longer! Which one is is about. I would guess Joe Jonas.


Look at the lines.

"You said no one else", and "We're a wreck, you're the wreaking ball" and "Since you admitted it, I keep picturing/Her lips on your neck, I can't unsee it." Those are very clearly lines referencing that she was cheated on.

In the song she calls him "Babe" constantly. In "Forever and Always" a song about Joe Jonas she calls him "baby" throughout the song. In "Forever and Always" she says "I was there when you said forever and always". In the song Babe she says "Taking down the pictures and the plans we made".

Why did she release it now? She knew it was a good song and people would love to hear it. I would love to hear a whole album of unreleased songs honestly. Everything she touches is gold. This song is very poignant and illustrates the pain of losing someone she had plans with the rest of her life. The first stanza talks about him breaking the promise, the next her taking down pictures, the next one her acknowledging what happened, and the last one her finally letting go. "I'll never call you babe."

Taylor has been over Joe for years and years. I am glad she has recovered from that relationship. She know has Joe Alwyn and has been dating him almost two years. "When I find that person that is right for me. He'll be wonderful, and when I look at that person, I'm not even going to be able to remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 25 seconds". Good job Taylor!


  1. She didn't broke up with jake just because he didn't show up at her birthday party(that's so dumb lol) but because she realised he's with someone else.
    She clearly wrote in "I knew you were trouble"
    "that you never loved me, or HER"
    In "the last time"
    She talked about a relationship that goes back and forth, they broke up once but she gave him another chance, but now he was cheating on her.In "the moment I knew" she realised that he's not with her because he's with another girl.
    Another reason why "babe" isn't about Joe is because she referred him(or john mayor) as "so last album(speak now).

    1. Jake didn't cheat on her. When he didn't come to her party, she realised he didn't care. People say he apparently took her virginity, so I'm guessing him not even bothering to show up or calling her about it proved to her he just wanted one thing out of her. It made her very upset, because she trusted him and really loved him.
      But I don't think 'Babe' is about him. I don't think it's about Joe Jonas
      either, because she never insinuated he cheated either. I'm thinking it's about nobody which is why she gave it to Sugarland.

    2. Joe Jonas didn't cheat on her. But didn't he leave her for another girl? That could still fit.


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